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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338. Click Here to Book Online

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Unique Team Bonding Experiences that are Actually Fun

Team bonding experiences can be just the thing your team needs to propel their collaboration to new heights.  

If you cringe at the term “team-bonding” (because you may think of corny forced activity), then read on as we share the tons of unique experiences that can reshape that thought process.  

Additionally, team building can boost productivity, according to Indeed. It can also improve communication between employees. If your team works remotely, these activities provide a low-pressure way for everyone to meet in person. 

Is your company headed to Central Florida for a convention, meeting, or staff retreat?  

Treat your employees to one of these fun team-building experiences they won’t dread. 

An Escape Room 

If you’ve never done an escape room, doing one with your team may bring out new skills and knacks for puzzles you never even knew you had.  

This game combines time management, role delegation, and trust in your fellow team as everyone works together to accomplish a goal. This is perfect for team building and when the pressure is on, you’ll be able see your team together as they work to escape.  

There are tons of options to pick from. The Escape Game is located on International Drive and offers seven immersive rooms with varying skill levels. They are a top-rated escape room in the area and make accommodating large parties a breeze.  

Day of Volunteering 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot topic in the business world. 

Studies suggest that CSR is essential for keeping both customers and employees. While you’re in Orlando, have your staff volunteer on the clock for a cause that’s important to your company. 

Your team will love the chance to help others while deepening their relationships with each other. 

Perhaps your employees could volunteer at a food bank or create memories for critically-ill children and their families. 

There are lots of ways to make a difference in Orlando. If your company’s big on the environment, plan a park clean-up or a volunteer day at the Central Florida Zoo.  If your company works with a national nonprofit, see if they have a chapter in Orlando. 

Hands on Orlando can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your team. 


Rosen Hotels and Resorts volunteering for team bonding

Improv Classes 

Unpredictable and collaborative, improv theater is an entertaining way to bring a team closer. 

For improv to work, participants need to go along with, and build upon, their teammates’ ideas. This rule is known as “Yes, and…” and it encourages active listening and open-mindedness. 

Improv also improves public speaking skills. Being silly in front of each other is great for building trust. 

SAK Comedy Lab is a comedy club in downtown Orlando that hosts improv classes and shows with professional comedians. Among SAK Comedy Lab’s alumni is one of the biggest names in improv, Orlando native Wayne Brady. SAK staff also have decades of experience guiding companies through hilarious team-building activities. 

Past clients have included the Orlando Magic and Walt Disney World. 

Painting with a Twist 

Allow your team to show off their creativity and unwind with a painting party. This is a unique way to build upon relationships as you all attempt to recreate the same image while sipping on wine.  

For teams who like to get a little silly and laugh, this painting activity is great! The Painting with a Twist in the Universal area is perfect for hosting this team bonding experience.  

They provide all the painting materials and there is alcohol for purchase, so all you need to do is book your team. There is no creative skill required, just encourage your team to try their best and have fun.   

Plus, everyone will be able to take their painting home. To make things more interesting, host a competition and have everyone vote on their favorite painting. Include prizes for an incentive your team will love.  

Person painting as a team bonding event

Golfing Together  

If you want to make sure your company’s teamwork is up to par, have everyone meet you on the green. 

Golfing promotes healthy competition. Seasoned putters can learn to be mentors by coaching first-timers. Treating your employees to a fun game in a beautiful place also helps boost employee morale and motivation. 

Team-Building Experiences Golf

If you’re looking for the perfect golf course for your team, look no further than Shingle Creek Golf Club. 

Our par 72 championship course was named the area’s best golf course by Golf Orlando Florida in 2023. The golf club is located at Rosen Shingle Creek, a stunning luxury hotel on 255 acres of pristine land. Your team can also enjoy a scenic nature trail and award-winning restaurants. 

As one of Orlando’s top convention hotels, we know how to put on an unforgettable corporate team-building event. 

Reach out to learn about our custom golf tournaments, perfect for company bonding. Details like cart plates and announcements will make your employees feel like PGA pros. We also have a golf academy, where your staff can build their skills after undergoing a swing analysis. 


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