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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338. Click Here to Book Online

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338. Click Here to Book Online

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Top 5 Reasons to Play Golf

By Yasmene Warren

Golf is renowned for being disguised as a “leisurely” sport that actually requires skill and coordination. It’s not as physically taxing as American football, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make for a great workout. In fact, playing golf has great benefits; here are our top five.

1: Less Risk for Injury

Because golf isn’t as hands on as other sports, there’s a lower risk of getting injured.

Man playing golf

Regardless, it’s important to keep good form while playing, and make sure you carry your golfing kit with care. This will help keep the risk of injury at a low level.

2: You Can Play Golf Alone

Almost every other sport outside of golf requires more than one player. Golf is one of the few outdoor sports that can be played alone.

If you want to improve your game, playing alone is the best way to do so. Solo games are free of distractions and competitive stressors.

3: It’s Relaxing

Golf club and ball

With golf not being as hands-on of a sport as others, it’s easier to relax and focus your mind on the game at hand. A good game can take your mind off the stress of everyday life while not taxing you too much.

4: Great for Your Health

Playing golf is not only a safe physical workout, but it also takes you outdoors, which is tremendously beneficial to your health.

Playing golf under the warm Florida sun enriches your body with vitamin D, which is great for lowering your risk of cancer, boosting your immune system, and helping your body absorb calcium, which can help prevent bone loss. Even 15 minutes under the sun provides a healthy dose of vitamin D.

5: Located On-site at Your Hotel

Shingle Creek Golf Course

While you’re blissfully enjoying your stay at Rosen Shingle Creek and itching for a game of golf, you’ll find all your needs met right from your hotel. Shingle Creek Golf Club lies in the heart of Orlando’s convention district, so you can unwind after a long day of meetings with a relaxing game of hole-in-one. Golf clubs are also available to rent, so no worries if you didn’t bring your own set. Our golf club has daily on-course food and beverage delivery service, as well as lesson programs to elevate your game.

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