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From its architecture to its cuisine, Florida’s unique personality bears the unmistakable influence of the Spanish and Native American people who have called this popular peninsula home. Likewise, the AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek draws inspiration from and pays homage to these original Floridians, especially in the signature style and services of the 13,000 sq. ft, nine-room Spa at Shingle Creek and Fitness Center.

The Spa at Shingle Creek has been developed not just as an amenity for leisure and business guests at the 1,500-room hotel. It is a destination unto itself, a one-of-a-kind spa experience rooted in the area’s rich history, the surrounding landscape and the traditions of Florida’s indigenous people. Like the rest of Rosen Shingle Creek, the architecture and interior design of The Spa at Shingle Creek was developed in harmony with the natural surroundings, incorporating dark woods and a palette of rich earth tones that are a reflection of the lush vegetation and even Shingle Creek itself, headwaters of the Florida Everglades.

While searching to develop The Spa at Shingle Creek’s unique personality, Rosen Shingle Creek’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Leslie Menichini immersed herself in the history of Florida’s Native American people. What she discovered was that the cultures of the Spanish and Native Americans were greatly intertwined in Central Florida and throughout the state.

By the late 1600s, the Spanish had set up a chain of missions extending westward past Tallahassee, where the Apalachee Indians were settled. While the native groups died out fairly quickly after the arrival of the Spanish, many of their traditions lived on, and a few of their names were passed on through oral tradition and eventually written down. In an effort to honor these early Floridians, the hotel decided to name the spa’s nine treatment rooms after the Native Americans. Today, those rooms are called Sabacola, Sawokli, Tawasa, Chatot, Timucuan, Apalachee, Seminole, Cherokee and Tocobaqo. These names are Native American tribal names or titles of important chiefs or village leaders.

The hotel found this research so inspiring that he even encouraged his team to develop treatments and services that reflected Central Florida’s Native American History. Two of those services are the Ocoee Body Mask and the Calusa Cocoon. “Ocoee,” Menichini says, “is Cherokee meaning ‘place where the passion flower is found,’ and we thought was an ideal name for a rejuvenating spa treatment.”

The Calusa Indians were often referred to as The Shell People and utilized shells as tools, weapons, art, and jewelry, and also incorporated algae, seaweeds and oils from the sea into tribal ceremonies believing in their healing properties. That was the inspiration for developing the Calusa Cocoon, a relaxing and hydrating body treatment incorporates restorative oils, a warm body wrap and hydrating mini-facial.

The Spa at Shingle Creek’s signature treatments draw on the restorative powers of the area’s indigenous fauna and are reflective of Rosen Shingle Creek’s Florida roots, incorporating citrus and cedar scents in the signature salt scrub, body lotion, body butter and body spritz, while indulging guests in the warm, woodsy feel of nearby Shingle Creek. In fact, these same cedar and citrus scents are also found in Rosen ShingleCreek’s in-room amenities including shampoos, conditioners, lotions and body wash. The Spa at Shingle Creek’s signature treatments include:

  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Body Revitalizer—A purifying cleanser, a stimulating exfoliation, and energizing moisture treatment that soothes and softens the skin. This full body treatment leaves the skin luminous, supple, and revitalized.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Fitness Facial™—This high-performance treatment, exclusive to The Spa, utilizes botanical and aromatherapy-based products. Each facial is customized, leaving guests looking and feeling fantastic.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Manicure—This deluxe treatment includes an exfoliation that leaves hands soft and smooth, but also invigorated.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Pedicure–This treatment utilizes energizing oil, salts with mineral and essential oils, followed by a massage with hydrating body butter and a light mist for additional moisture and refreshment.

Menichini describes The Spa at Shingle Creek at Shingle Creek as an oasis. “The warm atmosphere and personal attention,” he says, “transport guests into a calm, relaxed state. There is a transformation that takes place here. Stress is relieved and inner beauty comes to the surface.”

In addition to the signature treatments, The Spa at Shingle Creek offers an eclectic and enticing menu of services that range from the sublime to the exotic. Guests can even choose from eleven distinct massages, including:

  • The Native Creek Stone Massage, combining a healing human touch with hot stone therapy. Native Americans believe that the body and soul is one with the earth. Heated basalt stones are placed on the body in a pattern representing direction, color, animals, and life cycles for body balancing.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Massage, a full body and scalp massage, which incorporates White Cedar, Spruce and Lime oils to deliver an unforgettable experience.
  • Aroma Soul Massage, a luxurious treatment that combines the therapeutic benefits of touch and smell.
  • Mother-to-Be Massage

Also available to overnight or day guests is a full menu of body treatments, facials, nail care, hair and salon services, and a 3,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Fitness Center. But Menichini is especially excited about The Spa at Shingle Creek’s many packages. “These packages are a terrific way to immerse yourself in the full spa experience,” she says. “They are a great way to sample a variety of treatments and pamper yourself from head to toe or escape for an afternoon if your spouse is in business meetings.”

Spa packages include 2-hour, 1/2 day, Full day, Signature, Girl’s Getaway, Wedding and Teen Packages. The Spa at Shingle Creek’s most popular package is the six-hour Creekside Citrus and Cedar Signature Experience, which includes a massage, facial, body revitalizer, manicure, pedicure and spa lunch. “Our wedding packages,” Menichini exclaims, “are also sure to be tremendously popular. Few things bring a wedding party together like a morning at the spa.”

Menichini says that The Spa at Shingle Creek was always envisioned as one of the hotel’s gems. “The Spa at Shingle Creek plays a vital role in the whole hotel experience,” Menichini says. “But what’s most exciting is that our spa offers services that are only available here. Like every other aspect of the hotel, our signature services, are a reflection of the history, geography and natural beauty of this part of the state. Only at Rosen Shingle Creek can a guest indulge in an Orange Blossom Facial or Cypress Salt Glow. These are one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Menichini is also quick to point out that The Spa is not just for women. There are many services specifically developed for men, whether to relieve stress, rejuvenate sore muscles after a long day of golf or simply for the pure indulgence of a great massage, facial, manicure or men’s pedicure. The Spa features Sonya Dakar products for men and women.

Looking back on the evolution of The Spa at Shingle Creek, Menichini expresses how thrilled he is with how it has evolved—from the vision she and his team shared with Harris Rosen, president and COO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, to the reality that it is today. “The spa is far more than an amenity for guests. It will be a destination unto itself and a hit with locals, too, because of its intimate size and the personal attention that each guest receives.”

Occupying a 230-acre site along Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, the 1,500-room Rosen Shingle Creek offers 462,000 sq. ft. of meeting/event space, championship golf and an array of nature-focused activities, including hiking and seasonal fishing.

Rosen Shingle Creek is the newest addition to the Rosen Hotels & Resorts group, which currently owns and operates seven award-winning properties in the Orlando destination market. The Shingle Creek Golf Club opened for play in December 2003. For more information about the Rosen Shingle Creek, please visit or call (866) 996-9339. For information about other Rosen properties, please visit

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