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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338. Click Here to Book Online

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338. Click Here to Book Online

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Rosen Shingle Creek Lobby

Delicious Dining at Rosen Shingle Creek

Delicious Dining at Rosen Shingle Creek

By: Brianna Plato

If you’ve ever wondered what our hotel offers by way of dining, come check us out.

You don’t have to be a guest to dine with us. Rosen Shingle Creek boasts a unique culinary haven, offering a diverse range of dining experiences that cater to every palate.  

Shingle Creek restaurants.

Here’s a look at some of the standout gastronomic offerings at this exquisite Orlando destination. 

Cala Bella 

Step into Cala Bella, where the essence of Italy comes alive in every dish.  

Girls at Cala Bella enjoying cocktails overlooking the beautiful Shingle Creek golf course.

The antipasti offerings are a sensory delight, with the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio stealing the spotlight. This prime beef is sliced thinly and adorned with capers and Parmesan, dances on the taste buds, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. 

The coal-fired pizza at Cala Bella showcases the artistry of in-house craftsmanship. Crust is perfectly charred and adorned with premium toppings to elevate pizza to a gourmet level.  

The pasta dishes are equally impressive, with the bucatini carbonara and oxtail fettuccine standing out as culinary masterpieces, transporting diners to the heart of Italy. 

The extensive wine selection at Cala Bella spans the globe, offering a curated journey through vineyards from various corners of the world. Each sip complements the rich flavors of the Italian cuisine, creating a harmonious symphony for the discerning palate. 

For those seeking a more intimate setting, Cala Bella’s private dining options provide a romantic escape. Surrounded by Italian paintings and overlooking the lush greenery of Rosen Shingle Creek, these private spaces offer an enchanting backdrop for special moments. 

A Land Remembered 

A Land Remembered is a legendary Orlando steakhouse named after the late Patrick Smith’s rich novel featuring Florida’s historical moments and landscapes. 

The menu showcases grass-fed lamb chops and the mighty 36 oz. Tomahawk Steak for two. It is a carnivorous delight, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, making it a shared experience to remember. 

Delicious grass-fed lamb chop at A Land Remembered.

This is the perfect place to wind down after a long day on Shingle Creek’s golf course.  

Casual Dining at Various Outlets 

Rosen Shingle Creek also offers casual outlets catering to various tastes. 

Mi Casa Tequila brings a lively atmosphere, featuring table-side guacamole preparation that adds a touch of theatrics to the dining experience.  

Tobias, with its focus on burgers, ensures a satisfying meal with top-notch ingredients and creative combinations. 

For coffee aficionados, Smoooth Java is a haven of caffeine delights.  

Pastries here are a testament to the expertise of Pastry Chef Candice Wells and her talented team. From flaky croissants to decadent muffins, each treat is a work of culinary art. 

Eat Good at Rosen Shingle Creek 

Rosen Shingle Creek stands as a gastronomic gem.  

Whether savoring authentic Italian dishes at Cala Bella, embarking on a literary culinary journey at A Land Remembered, or enjoying casual delights across the resort, every dining experience is crafted with precision and passion, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. 

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