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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.6338

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Eats for Everyone: 7 Must-Try Food Halls in Orlando

Imagine this: You’ve just had a great day in Orlando, park-hopping, shopping, or playing golf.

But now it’s approaching dinnertime and everyone in your group is hungry. You’re craving a burger. But your spouse has a taste for sushi. The kids are clamoring for pizza. Your vegan in-laws are traveling with you and want something other than salad.

At times like these, Orlando’s many amazing food halls are perfect for pleasing everybody.

What is a Food Hall?

A food hall is a locally focused take on a traditional food court.

Food halls serve a wide range of cuisine via different food stands, which share a common dining area. They may also house other small businesses like boutiques, microbreweries, or artisan meat and cheese stands. Many food halls also serve as community spaces, with live music, pop-up shops, and lawn or board games.

Food halls allow you to experience Orlando like a local while eating inspired dishes.

Best Food Halls in Orlando

Ready for a unique dining experience with something for everyone? Try one of these great Orlando food halls.

Marketplace at Avalon Park

Avalon Park is a walkable east Orlando neighborhood. Its location off the Beachline Expressway makes it a perfect stopover on the way back from Cocoa Beach. While you’re there, check out the Marketplace at Avalon Park. This Orlando food hall features everything from New Orleans classics to charcuterie boards, plus Bowigens Beer Company brews and locally roasted coffee.

Before you leave, be sure to check out Avalon General. The store sells artisan jams, olive oils, and hot sauces alongside locally made home décor and unique gifts.

Hourglass Social House

Hourglass Social House is in the Hourglass District, an up-and-coming neighborhood in the heart of Orlando. The building was featured on Architectural Digest’s list of America’s most beautiful converted gas stations.

This small-but-mighty Orlando food hall is a craft beer lover’s dream, serving up all kinds of local brews. Food options include Tamale Co. Mexican Street Food, Leguminati (a vegan restaurant known for its crunchwraps), and Le Ky Patisserie (banh mis and other Vietnamese cuisine). If you’re looking for a quick bite, stop by Foxtail Coffee Co. for some fresh baked goods.

East End Market

East End Market is in Orlando’s hip Audubon Park district, minutes from beautiful Leu Gardens. The two-story marketplace is surrounded by lush, native landscaping and vegetable gardens.

Options in this Orlando food hall include DOMU (a full-service ramen spot that makes its own noodles), Farm & Haus (which serves up healthy takes on classic comfort food), and Winter Park Biscuit Company (whose plant-based chicken sandwiches will even delight meat eaters).

Food Halls East End Market

Once you’re done eating, head upstairs to Neighbors Bar to enjoy a craft cocktail or to shop for locally made keepsakes.

Gatlin Hall Brewing

As you might expect, Gatlin Hall Brewing’s main draw is the wide selection of beer brewed on-site. This food hall, located south of downtown Orlando, has everything from IPAs to sours.

Gatlin Hall also has great food options, including poke bowls, wood-fired pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Sit inside and watch one of the hall’s flat-screen TVs, or head outside to their large, dog-friendly patio for a game of table tennis or cornhole.

Boxi Park

Boxi Park, located in Orlando’s Lake Nona neighborhood, is a cross between a food hall and a food truck festival.

At this large outdoor venue, step up to a repurposed shipping crate to place your order. These food stands serve tacos, lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches, sushi, burgers, and ice cream. Diners 21 and older can also enjoy wine, beer, and cocktails from stands throughout the courtyard.

The fun doesn’t stop when you’re done eating. With a playground, volleyball courts, and a dog park, Boxi Park is a perfect place for families to spend an afternoon.

The Hall on the Yard

The Hall on the Yard is in Orlando’s trendy Ivanhoe Village. It combines the variety of a traditional food hall with the quality service of a sit-down restaurant.

Take your seat in the gorgeous dining room and a server will wait on you, delivering your selections from nine food vendors and three on-site bars. Culinary options include Chef & I (American fusion), True Island Cuisine (Caribbean), Humbl (plant-based), and Spice Affair (Indian). When you’re done, you can hang out in the gorgeous lawn area outside.

Food Halls Hall on the Yard

Unlike some of the other food halls on this list, this unique Orlando venue also rents private rooms.

Plant Street Market

West of Orlando on the shores of Lake Apopka you’ll find Winter Garden, and Plant Street Market, a sizable food hall with live music, a pet-friendly patio, and an impressive variety of eats.

Vendors include Mac’d Out (which offers gourmet mac and cheese made with fresh pasta), Empanadas & Co. (serving Ecuadorian style empanadas), and Ceviche Mix (which sells shrimp and whitefish ceviche).

The market is also home to Crooked Can Brewery, which offers tours every Sunday.

Rosen Shingle Creek – A Haven for Foodies

Food Halls Cat Tails

If you’re all about culinary variety, Rosen Shingle Creek is the Orlando hotel for you.

Dining options include our award-winning steakhouse A Land Remembered, Cala Bella’s Tuscan finest, and the fresh poolside offerings at Cat-Tails Pool Bar & Grille. In addition to seven full-service restaurants, Rosen Shingle Creek is home to a luxurious lounge, impeccably decorated buffet, café, creamery, and 24-hour market.


All About Florida Wildlife: Where to See Orlando’s 6 Coolest Animals

Did you know that Florida is one of the most biodiverse states in the U.S.?

It is home to 4,368 known animal species. 269 of these species are only found in the Sunshine State. On your next Orlando vacation, take some time to get to know the Florida wildlife.

Here are six of the most fascinating animals that call Central Florida home, and where you can find them.

Green Anoles

Green Anoles are little lizards with a big presence in Orlando.

While they’re in a different reptile family, they are sometimes called “American chameleons.” That’s because they’re the only lizard in the southeast U.S. that can change color.

As their name implies, they’re usually bright green, but they can also turn various shades of brown to blend in with pathways and dirt.

Florida Wildlife Green Anole

Where to Find Anoles

Everywhere! Anoles like to hang out in places with a good balance of sun and shade. They’re drawn to forest clearings, but tree-lined sidewalks also do the trick. As you explore the outdoor areas of Orlando’s theme parks, the Orange County Convention Center, or your hotel, have a peek at the ground.

You’re likely to see a few anoles scampering around.

American Alligators

While they’re often thought of as aggressive, gators generally leave humans alone unless provoked.

These kings and queens of Florida wildlife are the state reptile. They live in marshy areas across Orlando.

Gators play important roles in their habitats. For example, during droughts, alligators dig deep holes to access the groundwater. This also frees up water for other animals, who drink from or live in the “gator holes.”

Should you encounter an alligator on your travels, thank it for everything it does for Florida wildlife – while following these safety tips.

Where to Find Alligators

Lake Jesup, a large lake in Orlando’s northern suburbs, boasts the densest population of gators in the state. You can safely view alligators from the boardwalks at Overlook Park or explore the lake via airboat.

For a guaranteed gator encounter, consider a trip to Gatorland. The family-owned theme park opened in 1949, decades before Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando.

At Gatorland, you can learn all about the species, see gators of all ages, and even zip line over them.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles build between 40,000 and 84,000 nests along Florida’s vast coastline each year.

Their back flippers are small but mighty and help them dig nests in dunes. Adult turtles do not tend to their nests, but often build decoy nests to confuse predators and protect their eggs. When the eggs hatch, baby turtles instinctively move toward the ocean, guided by the glimmer of the moon and stars on the water.

Sea turtles have faced habitat loss because of coastal development. Most species are considered endangered, but their numbers have luckily rebounded in recent years.

Of the five sea turtle species living in Florida, two (loggerheads and green turtles) are frequently seen on beaches near Orlando.

Where to Find Sea Turtles

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge in Melbourne is one of the most significant nesting habitats for both green and loggerhead turtles. On select nights in June and July, the refuge offers guided sea turtle walks. Reservations are required.

Can’t make it to the coast? SEA LIFE Aquarium, located on Orlando’s International Drive, has got you covered. The attraction is home to Ted the loggerhead and Chely the green sea turtle, both of whom were rescued by the aquarium.

West Indian Manatees

Manatees are part of the aquatic mammal order Sirenia, which got its name because sailors used to mistake the gentle giants for sirens, or mermaids.

Sirenians like manatees and dugongs are not closely related to other marine mammals. In fact, they’ve got more in common with elephants than dolphins or seals.

Manatees typically cruise along at a leisurely 5 mph. That’s slow enough that barnacles can grow on them. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad swimmers — they can reach speeds of up to 19 mph and have been seen swimming upside down and doing somersaults.

Florida Wildlife Manatee

Where to Find Manatees

Manatees live in brackish water around the state. Because of their plant-based diet, manatees don’t have much body fat and can’t handle water colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter they swim out to warmer waters, often in springs or power plant outflows.

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, located near Cocoa Beach, has an observation deck where manatees can be seen year-round.

Headed to Orlando in the winter? Check out Blue Spring State Park. Located an hour north of Orlando in Volusia County, the park is (literally) a cold-weather hotspot for the species.

While manatees have no natural predators, they’re threatened by boat strikes and the loss of seagrass. In response to these threats, SeaWorld Orlando has a Manatee Rehabilitation Area, where park guests can meet rescued manatees and learn how to help them.

Gopher Tortoises

Gopher tortoises are the only North American tortoise to live east of the Mississippi River.

They spend 80 percent of their time underground in deep burrows that they dig in sandy soil. As with gators, gopher tortoises’ digging skills also help other Florida wildlife.

The burrows not only shield tortoises from the Florida sun but also provide habitat for over 350 other species, including the Florida mouse and eastern indigo snake.

Where to Find Gopher Tortoises

Gopher tortoises live among scrubby pine forests and sandhills throughout the southeast U.S., but Florida has the largest population.

During your next Orlando vacation, pay a visit to Darwin the tortoise. He lives in Tibet-Butler Preserve, a conservation area minutes from Walt Disney World. The pristine park features a kid-friendly education center, hiking trails, and all kinds of Florida wildlife. Even better, admission to the park is free.

Roseate Spoonbill

While flamingos are often the pink bird we associate with Florida, did you know that they’re more common in the Caribbean islands? In fact, we’re still trying to figure out whether they’re native to Florida or if, like many human residents, they took a trip here and liked it enough to stay.

Florida does have a native bird known for its pretty pink plumage — the roseate spoonbill.

Roseate spoonbills get their name from their uniquely shaped beaks, which they use to scoop prey from the water. Like flamingos, they get their distinctive coloring from snacking on crustaceans and sleep standing on one leg. Unlike flamingos, they can be seen in the wild throughout Florida, usually in mangroves or marshes.

Florida Wildlife Roseate Spoonbill

Where to Find Roseate Spoonbills

Roseate spoonbills are a fairly common sight in Orlando Wetlands Park, located between Orlando and Cocoa Beach in Christmas, Florida. If you’re lucky, however, you may not even have to travel that far. The author of this blog post recently saw one soaring over Rosen Shingle Creek, its majestic pink feathers shimmering in the sun.

Rosen Shingle Creek: A Natural Fit for Florida Wildlife

What drew that roseate spoonbill to Rosen Shingle Creek? The same thing that draws in many of our guests.

The hotel sits within a 255-acre natural area that features stately oak and pine trees. Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Everglades, runs through the property and is home to many birds and fish. As you walk along the on-site nature trail, look out for Florida wildlife, and see how many species you can identify.

How Rosen Shingle Creek Hosts Events in Orlando

RHR ROI Marketing Materials 2020 Banner 1

If you’re looking to host your event in the heart of Orlando, look no further than Rosen Shingle Creek. Conveniently located minutes away from Orlando International Airport and the Orange County Convention Center, our grand hotel provides a variety of services to make your event a success.

Everything Your Event Needs in One Location

Rosen Shingle Creek offers a variety of accommodating event spaces with luxurious amenities. Hotel features include:

  • Spacious Ballrooms

    Rosen Shingle Creek houses three column-free ballrooms covering a total of 195,000 square feet. At 95,000 square feet, our Gatlin Ballroom is one of the largest column-free ballrooms in the country.

If you’re looking for something smaller, the Sebastian and Panzacola ballrooms are perfect. The Sebastian Ballroom covers an impressive 60,000 square feet, while our Panzacola Ballroom offers 40,000 square feet of space. Each ballroom has registration space and access to load-in areas for the convenience of your guests and organizers.

Airwalls in the ballrooms allow for further customized configurations. From being able to simply divide the room to creating breakout rooms inside the ballroom, this customization brings added value in making the most of the space.

  • Ample Meeting Space

    If you require smaller breakout rooms, Rosen Shingle Creek offers 55,000 square feet across six separate meeting and event spaces. Each room provides a unique experience.

You’ll find truly elegant settings in the Conway, Butler, and Sandlake rooms which offer breathtaking views of the on-site golf course and terrace access. The Wekiwa, Suwanne, and St. John’s rooms provide plenty of pre-function space and registration areas that are customizable to your event.

  • Professional Catering

    Rosen Shingle Creek is home to award-winning chefs that can cater to groups of any size.

Our banquet team is prepared to serve any meal of the day, including delicious breakfasts, plated lunches, and a variety of dinners. There are also several buffet options to please everyone at your event. All meal options can be customized to fit dietary restrictions and needs. Bar service is also available.

Orlando’s Premier Event and Meeting Spaces

When hosting an event in Central Florida, book your event space at Rosen Shingle Creek.

Located near International Drive, our hotel provides affordable luxury and access to some of Orlando’s top restaurants, bars, and attractions.

5 Best Golf Courses in Orlando

Rosen Shingle Creek is one of the 5 Best Golf Courses in Orlando

Aside from entertaining theme parks and attractions, Orlando also offers a wide selection of celebrated golf courses. We’ve rounded up the five best golf courses in the city so you can plan your perfect Orlando golfing getaway.

Orlando’s Top Golf Courses

  1. Orange County National Golf Center

    With 45 holes across three courses, Orange County National is every golfer’s dream. The Panther Lake and Crooked Cat courses are championship 18-hole courses that have hosted the PGA Tour Qualifying School Finals four times. There’s also a nine-hole beginning course and a 360-degree driving range to help you focus on your swing.

  2. Celebration Golf Club

    The charming Celebration Golf Club was designed in 1996 by father-son duo Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Robert Trent Jones Jr. The club is framed with native trees and wetlands, and 16 of the course’s 18 holes feature water.

  3. Falcon’s Fire Golf Club

    Consistently ranked among the best Orlando golf courses, Falcon’s Fire was recently renovated to maintain its classic style. This club boasts over 7,000 yards of play, a masterfully designed course by Rees Jones, and a central location in Orlando’s entertainment district, minutes away from Disney World.

  4. Winter Park Golf Course

    One of the oldest courses in Florida, the “WP9” was originally built in 1914 and renovated in 2016. This nine-hole municipal course is nestled in the middle of a Winter Park neighborhood and provides scenic, yet challenging, links.

  5. Shingle Creek Golf Club

      Voted the best golf course in Orlando for 2021 by GolfOrlandoFlorida.com, Shingle Creek Golf Club is a historic course with world-class service. Overhauled in 2016 with the help of the Arnold Palmer Design Company, this scenic, 7,200-yard course weaves through natural areas while providing a luxury resort experience.

      Right now, golf-loving guests can have it all with the Stay and Play Golf Package at Rosen Shingle Creek. This deal includes a deluxe room, two rounds of golf with all the amenities, and discounted rates at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy.

      Stay in a Golfer’s Paradise in Orlando

      When planning your Orlando vacation, book a room at Rosen Shingle Creek. In addition to the Shingle Creek Golf Club, our hotel provides luxurious guestrooms, conference spaces, fine-dining restaurants and lounges, heated swimming pools, and The Spa at Shingle Creek.

      We are also dedicated to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for the well-being of our guests and associates. Read all the details on our Rosen’s Total Commitment page.

      Experience SeaWorld in a New Light at Electric Ocean 2022

      Get ready to make waves on the dance floor!

      SeaWorld Electric Ocean is back in Orlando for 2022. The summer spectacle features exuberant music, unique wildlife shows, and dazzling fireworks. It will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May 27 through September 5, as well as on Memorial and Labor Day.

      Dive into SeaWorld Electric Ocean

      Electric Ocean is included with the price of SeaWorld admission. So, after a day of amazing animals and thrilling rides, stick around for an unforgettable night of fun. When the sun goes down, Bayside Stadium will transform into Club Sea Glow, an all-ages discotheque bathed in a kaleidoscope of lights. Watch a high-octane performance by a troupe of neon-clad dancers or break out your own moves as a DJ keeps the party going.

      As the party winds down, look up into the vast Florida sky to watch Ignite. SeaWorld’s signature fireworks and light show starts at 10 p.m. While Club Sea Glow is a prime watching spot, the show is viewable from all around the park’s central lake.

      SeaWorld Electric Ocean Ignite

      Something for Every Seafarer

      SeaWorld Electric Ocean will also feature an exhilarating lineup of all-day entertainment. From charming children’s programming to new takes on classic animal shows, there’s something for everyone.

      In previous years, offerings have included:

      • Elmo Rocks, a show in which beloved Sesame Street characters take to the stage as a rollicking rock band.
      • Rescue Tails, a showcase of SeaWorld’s wildlife rehabilitation work
      • Electric Current, a daytime dance party to amp guests up for the night’s main events
      • Sea Lions Tonite, an uproarious show starring SeaWorld’s iconic Clyde and Seamore
      • Breathtaking ocean-themed art installations made of recycled plastic
      • Pop, a one-of-a-kind art experience featuring the beauty of bubbles
      • Exclusive event merch, including neon digs sure to wow everyone at Club Sea Glow

      SeaWorld Electric Ocean Pop

      Going to Electric Ocean in August or September? You can also check out the SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival. Have a whale of a time sampling 100 thirst-quenching brews, with an emphasis on local beers.

      Recharge at Rosen Shingle Creek

      When the party’s over, put your feet up in your elegant guestroom at Rosen Shingle Creek. From plush, pillow-top mattresses to award-winning dining, the resort has all you need to unwind after a truly electrifying trip to SeaWorld.

      Top 4 Reasons to Visit SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

      Every year in Orlando there are two major food festivals: EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival and SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival.

      This year’s SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival occurs every weekend (Thursday through Sunday) from February 4 to May 8, 2022. Here’s what to expect this year.

      SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

      1.    The Food

      SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival serves up so much variety in food that there really is something delicious for everyone.

      This year there will be a range of outdoor markets with different styles of food like Latin, European, Polynesian, Asian, North American, and more. There are more vegetarian and vegan options as well this year. Expect 75+ brews, 50+ foods, and 75+ wines, seltzers, and cocktails equaling over 200 offerings.

      Below is a list of the different markets:

      • Café De Mar
      • Caribbean Market
      • All American Market
      • Polynesian Island Market
      • Italian Market
      • Taste of Sicily
      • North Atlantic Market
      • Ireland Market
      • Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen
      • Mediterranean Market
      • Brazilian Market
      • Asian Market
      • Vegan Market
      • Sweets Market
      • German Market
      • Gulf Coast Market
      • Mexican Market

      2.    Seven Seas Food and Beverage Sampler Lanyard

      Sample the different offerings and get the best bang for your buck with the sampler lanyard.

      The festival offers two types of sampler lanyards. For $60 you can try 10 samples and for 15 samples for $75. It is recommended to use the sampler punches for food instead of drinks to get the best value.

      3.    Music

      SeaWorld Orlando announced there will be 28 headline acts this year for the food festival.

      The performances will be in the Bayside Stadium. Last year the concerts were on Saturdays and Sundays. For those who want to keep sampling, the live concert audio will be playing in select areas of the park.

      For people who want to experience and watch the live performances, know that the outdoor concert arena has reduced compacity and the seating has been changed to follow social distancing.

      The quickest way to get to the stadium is to pass Flamecraft Bar, cross the lagoon using the bridge, take a right at the Orca Stadium, and another right at Wild Arctic Plaza.

      Scheduled to perform this year are Vanilla Ice, Justin Moore, Molly Hatchet, LOCASH, Everclear, Flo Rida, several tribute artists, and more to come.

      Concerts are included in the SeaWorld ticket, but you can reserve seating for any show. Prices for reserved seating range from $9.99 to $39.99.

      4.    Dance Parties

      Scattered all around the park are live DJs, local bands, and performers to keep you entertained during the festival.

      Usually, there is a mini stage in front of the Shark Encounter and outside of Wild Arctic where the dance parties happen. For days like Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo which occur at the same time as the SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival, SeaWorld provides extra entertainment sprinkled throughout the park.

      There’s nothing like dancing the calories away after stuffing yourself.

      5.    BONUS: The Animals!

      A trip to SeaWorld wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t see the amazing creatures that make this park a zoological one—and a famous one at that.

      Be sure to visit the incredible aquariums filled with fish, sharks, orcas, penguins, and Beluga whales. SeaWorld is also home to many birds and native Florida species such as flamingoes and manatees. They care for a lot of animals and love to show guests what goes into each animal’s care.

      Get up close to these majestic creatures and their caretakers on an exclusive animal experience tour.

      After a Day of Sampling, Sleep it Off at Rosen Shingle Creek

      Stay in one of the top luxurious hotel guestrooms in Orlando at Rosen Shingle Creek.

      Located near International Drive, Rosen Shingle Creek provides the finest luxuries, amenities, and convenient access to all Orlando has to offer. We dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for the well-being of our guests and associates.

      Our total commitment includes new hotel features. For example, you’ll see protective borders at the front desk staff and more hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hotel. We use hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectants to frequently clean common areas, touchpoints, and all guestrooms.

      Read all the details on Rosen’s Total Commitment page.

      We hope you enjoy a relaxing Orlando vacation with all the luxurious comforts at Rosen Shingle Creek.


      Hot Valentine’s Day Date Ideas & 1 Getaway

      When Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, the biggest challenge is figuring out what to do. Below is a list of ideas that will satisfy any preference.

      Celebrate Valentine's Day at Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando

      Valentine’s Day Dinner Date

      You can’t go wrong with food. With Orlando being the number two foodie destination, there is an abundance of places to choose from.

      A Land Remembered

      A Land Remembered is one of the top steakhouses in Orlando located at Rosen Shingle Creek.

      While you can find the finest steaks from the Harris Ranch and the freshest seafood complemented with the perfect glass of wine at A Land Remembered, you will also find an impressive prix-fixe 4-course Valentine’s Day diner. You’ll have your choice of sea scallops with slab bacon and chili beurre blanc or fennel cured duck confit, surf and turf or swordfish, ending the night with Crème Fraiche cheesecake

      If you fancy a gourmet meal, then make reservations now.

      Cala Bella

      Ever wish you could take your love to the rustic and romantic countryside of Tuscany, Italy?

      While a flight overseas might be a little too much, we’re willing to bet that a surprise trip to Cala Bella is more reasonable for most of you. This Valentine’s Day, the chefs at Cala Bella aim to please with a rich prix-fixe 4-course meal that features the best of Tuscan cuisine.

      You and your date will mangia through your choice of Carpino and Italian sausage flatbread or shrimp and lobster bisque, a hearty course of pasta, red meat or seafood as your entrée, ending with a generous serving of chocolate velvet rose tart.

      If Italian cuisine speaks the language of love to you, then don’t hesitate—make reservations now.

      Fun Date Ideas

      ICON Park

      ICON Park is a great date idea that will keep you and your date busy on Valentine’s Day.

      At the park, you can ride The Wheel overlooking Orlando, visit the Sea Life Aquarium, and take a stroll through Madame Tussauds Orlando to see your favorite celebrities. If you are in the mood for an adrenaline rush, take a ride on the Orlando StarFlyer. Then wind down to a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in ICON Park.

      Lakeridge Winery

      Take your Valentine on a wine tour and tasting at Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards.

      Sitting on a 127-acre estate, Lakeridge is Florida’s largest premium winery. The tour and tasting are from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

      Leu Gardens

      Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like walking through beautiful gardens or a hidden treasure quest at Leu Gardens.

      From January 17 to April 3, 2022, there will be a Dragons: Hidden Treasure Quest, which falls on Valentine’s Day if you are looking for something fun to do. Explore the 50-acre botanical gardens to find the dragons, hidden treasure.

      The quest is included in your daytime garden admission.

      Valentine’s Day Weekend Staycation

      Rosen Shingle Creek has a great offer for lovebirds looking to get away for the weekend.

      Valentine’s Day Romance Getaway

      Spend the weekend before Valentine’s Day spoiling yourselves to a luxurious stay.

      Start with champagne and strawberries in a beautifully appointed guestroom. Then enjoy breakfast for two at Café Osceola the morning after. You’ll also receive a 25% discount on spa services during your stay. There’s a lot to enjoy at Rosen Shingle Creek. Spend the weekend exploring the four swimming pools, tennis courts, sand volleyball court, the nature trails, or any of the 15 onsite restaurants.

      Nothing says “I love you” like this getaway.

      More to Love About Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando

      Valentine's Day at Rosen Shingle Creek®

      Located near International Drive, the Rosen Shingle provides luxury, amenities, and convenient access to all Orlando has to offer. We also dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for the well-being of our guests and associates.

      Our total commitment includes new hotel features. You’ll see protective borders at the front desk staff and more hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hotel. We use hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectants to frequently clean common areas, touchpoints, and all guestrooms.

      We hope you enjoy a relaxing Orlando vacation with all the finest at Rosen Shingle Creek.

      Let’s Go There!

      This year has provided time to reinvent how to stay connected while following new norms, like facetiming family and friends, visiting places across the globe via live streams, and lots of videoconferencing. (Zoom, anyone?) We may seem as virtually connected as before, but the new norm has forced great compromise. The biggest change was packing away our travel bags. After months of cozying up with our favorite throw and catching up on all streaming shows, travel is finally making a comeback.

      The fun you had on your last family vacation is waiting for you. That palpable energy found in a new city is ready to reignite your passion for life. Beauty so moving it touches your heart is out there in nature and at national monuments. The fresh outdoor air yearns for your screams of joy as you conquer new roller coasters at Orlando’s theme parks. Our appetite also deserves a change of course. Orlando’s chefs are ready to prepare delightful cuisine that will send the senses on its own worldly journey. It is all waiting for you and your family.

      When the Time is Right

      Your wanderlust may be triggered but concerns for safety may also be holding you back. Rightfully so. Mindful travelers have a few new rules to follow and some new things to pack, which will be covered throughout this blog. Different cities have new expectations of its tourist and visitors. Here in Orlando, Florida, tourists have a lot of freedom and do not need to quarantine upon arrival. Many places in Orlando expect travelers to wear masks.

      At Rosen Shingle Creek, guests are required to wear a mask whenever in public places around the hotel. Temperature screenings are also mandatory. At the front desk, clear plexiglass has been installed to provide extra protection when welcoming guests or answering questions. We’ve placed hand sanitizer dispensers in more convenient locations around the hotel. We have always kept a pristine and clean hotel. Regardless, to help keep our guests safe, we clean common areas and high touchpoints more often with hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant. Rest assured with extra precautions in your guestroom as well. Prior to your arrival, your guestroom is disinfected with a special electrostatic cleaner to get into and onto all surfaces. Our dining experience has become more hands off—reading menus and making payments are possible through your smartphone. All these details and more guidelines for traveling to Orlando and Rosen Shingle Creek are conveniently listed in our Know Before You Go document.

      When the time is right for you and your family to travel, you have but one big question to ask yourself. Where to next? By now, our answer is clear—Orlando, Florida. And we think you deserve a luxurious yet affordable stay at the best locally owned hotel—Rosen Shingle Creek.

      Orlando – Still One of the Most Popular US Destinations

      If you still need evidence that Orlando makes a great vacation destination, then take comfort knowing Orlando consistently ranks high as a city to visit. Why? Well, we’re the theme park capital of the world, our dining options match any major city, and shopping here is considered world-class with a plethora of boutique and high-end fashion stores within the city limits—the only limits being your spending budget.

      Universal Orlando Resorts and Walt Disney World call Orlando home. SeaWorld’s theme park complex is also a short distance away from Rosen Shingle Creek. As a service to our guests, we offer complimentary shuttle service to these great locations. If you need a sneak peek at what some of these theme parks offer, check out their virtual visits:

      Orlando is ripe for a culinary adventure. Less than two miles from Rosen Shingle Creek is Restaurant Row on Sand Lake Road. All around town restaurants have adopted new measures to help keep patrons safe. Al fresco dining as well as ample take out options are becoming the norm. Chefs, servers, and bartenders are masked and most of them gloved while preparing dishes and drinks for your intimate party to enjoy.

      World-class shopping is minutes away at several locations. Budget-friendly bargains await the savvy shopper at Orlando Premium Outlets at the north end of International Drive. For a family-friendly day of shopping, visit the Florida Mall with its great assortment of stores as well as The Crayola Factory, a quirky place for kids to enjoy. If high-end shopping is more your style, a visit to the Mall at Millenia is a must.

      Return to Rosen

      All the signs and safety protocols herald a return to traveling. When you make plans for your next vacation, we hope you choose a hotel that considers your safety and comfort a top concern. Rosen Shingle Creek is that hotel. Our commitment to you and your wellbeing is detailed in our Rosen’s Total Commitment.

      As a locally owned hotel whose reputation is based on unparalleled quality service, we invest in our guests’ wellbeing because you are our livelihood. Without you, we would not be able to do what we love, and that is to serve our guests with the same care as we do our own families, because you are family. When the time is right and you’re ready for your Orlando vacation, we are ready to welcome you back to Rosen Shingle Creek.

      Our special packages make a vacation to Orlando even more attractive. Make plans today for your next stay by clicking the Check Availability button above or by calling your agent at 1-866-996-6338.


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