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粗糙牧羊犬狗 當你享受美麗的陽光奧蘭多,不要離開你的狗的身後!在羅森興河,我們認為狗是家庭這就是為什麼我們很想來承載您的毛茸茸的朋友的一部分。你可以肯定的是您和我們在一起時,你的狗會享受同樣輕鬆的住宿,你怎麼做。住在豪華的羅森興河,你會不會離開你毛茸茸的朋友後面。

To keep your pet, you, and our other guests happy, safe, and comfortable, we ask that pet owners act responsibly and follow the guidelines listed below:

  • 我們歡迎狗是接種疫苗電流。從持牌獸醫疫苗接種的證明是必需的。
  • Maximum of one (1) dog per guestroom allowed.
  • 客人支付$ 150,加稅一次性售後不退,每間客房,為寵物的住宿提供長達七(7)晚。此後,則每筆額外夜晚$ 50的額外費用。服務類動物除外。如果支付現金,額外的$ 100個礦床,加稅,是必需的。我們的工作人員已經檢查了客房後,這100個$押金退還。
  • 客人有責任對酒店物業的理由包括他們的狗清理後,故請立即撈出,任何廢棄物處理。如果狗產生的過度混亂的額外清潔費用可申請。
  • Please place the special “Dog in Room” door hanger sign, provided at check in, on the outside of your guestroom door for the duration of your stay as a special recognition to celebrate your family dog’s stay.
  • Properly supervise your dog at all times when on property. Keep your dog on a leash when outside of your guestroom or secured in a crate when left unattended in your guestroom.
  • 酒店有權刪除從處所的狗時,它會顯示侵略的跡象,無論品種,類型,尺寸,重量等的權利
  • Please use the designated dog walk area outside of the hotel for dog relief and healthy exercise.
  • 你的狗是從泳池區限制,餐廳,休息室,健身俱樂部,水療中心,大堂任何家具或會議場所。服務類動物除外。
  • 小金發-梗,與網球球
  • Please dial ext. 88 to schedule housekeeping service between 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for service—time may vary. Safely crate or remove your dog from the guestroom during room cleaning service.
  • 為了尊重所有客人,噪音應該恭敬地將保持在最低限度。如果你的狗正在噪音過大,你將接觸遵守。你的狗需要休息,就像你一樣。我們希望你過得愉快。

** If guests are unable to comply with the Rosen Shingle Creek Dog Policy, other kennel and dog sitting services may be obtained through the lobby concierge for your dog’s convenience.


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