B.A.G.S. – Remote Airline Check-In

You take care of the business. We’ll take care of the bags.

Aerolínea remoto Check-In

Eliminate leaving hours early for the airport, Baggage Airline Guest Services (BAGS) is the only company in North America that can provide remote airline check-in for you, your exhibitors and attendees with the ability to check passengers and luggage to and through their final destination from the Rosen Resort and Hotels.

  • Imprimimos Equipaje Etiquetas para equipaje facturado
  • Bags are trucked to the airport, sent through TSA screening and loaded on your flight home
  • Las tarjetas de embarque se emiten
  • With luggage checked and boarding pass in hand, passenger proceed directly to the airline gate
  • Lo que le permite disfrutar de su último día en Orlando en la propiedad Rosen
  • COST: $15 per passenger, if applicable airline luggage fees are collected at check in
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VIP de equipaje Entrega

When you arrive at the Orlando International Airport, there is no waiting at the luggage carousel. Our agents retrieve your luggage and deliver it to your hotel. Bags has staff in every airport in North America (over 230) we can provide this service for your return flight home. No waiting at the carousel, go home, relax, your luggage will be delivered to your house.

Visita www.maketraveleasier.com for more information and to enroll.

BAGS For more information, please contact:
John Sears, Business Development

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