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From Cattle Barons to Conventioneers: Rosen Shingle Creek Honors the Area’s History While Catering to Guests of Today

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Upon visiting the new AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, most guests first find themselves entranced by a magnificent hotel with an astonishing 462,000 sq. ft. of meeting/event space. They are amazed by the hotel’s exceptional array of high-end amenities, including a luxurious 13,000-square-foot Spa at Shingle Creek and the award-winning Shingle Creek Golf Club. But those who look a little deeper will discover something even more intriguing. They will discover the hotel’s roots—a tribute to the glory days of the Florida frontier, an homage to the area’s spectacular natural landscape, and even a reference to the golden age of luxury hotels in Florida.

The Importance of The Creek. The History of Its Name.

Rosen Shingle Creek rises majestically from a spectacular 230-acre parcel of land, boasting a quintessential Florida landscape. It is this land that, literally and figuratively, provides the foundation for the hotel.

Harris Rosen, founder and president of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Resorts, elaborates, “It all started in about 2000, when I began to seriously consider developing a new hotel property. We investigated a number of sites in Central Florida and finally honed in on one. What we liked most about this particular spot was its location and the fact that it was a lovely wooded site with many trees—pines and oaks—and wildlife.” Rosen says that he fell in love with the site instantly and decided on the spot to purchase it, but it would be several days before he could take a closer look at the land he had acquired.

“A few days after the purchase,” Rosen continues, “I took a helicopter flight over the site and viewed it from a different perspective. In the air, I discovered a little stream meandering through the property on the eastern most border heading due south. I asked the helicopter pilot if he knew anything about this little stream and he said, no. When we landed, I began to make inquiries about the little waterway and discovered, much to my surprise, that it was actually Shingle Creek, the very headwaters to Florida’s famous Everglades.”

Soon, Rosen discovered more about the history of the region. He learned that, long before businessmen and vacationers began venturing to this area, the land surrounding Shingle Creek was home to the Seminole Indians before being claimed by settlers in the early 1820s. In fact, it was this group of hearty pioneers who discovered that the area’s abundant cypress trees were not only beautiful, but also useful in the construction of their new homesteads. These settlers harvested the trees for building material and transported them down the creek to be used primarily as roof shingles. That, of course, is how they came to call the pristine waterway, “Shingle Creek.”

A Growing Community—In the Late 1800s.

The first settlement in the region emerged just east of the creek, adjacent to a military trail that served as the first travel route between present day Sanford and Tampa. At first, the settlement, also called Shingle Creek, was home only to the sawmill where the shingles were made. But growth was inevitable. The first trading post was built at a low water crossing point just steps away from where Rosen Shingle Creek sits today, and, over the course the next few decades, a thriving community emerged with active commerce along the lush, cypress-lined banks. When the Shingle Creek settlement peaked in the early 1900s, it included a train depot and general store, as well as the first church and post office in Osceola County.

Anxious to learn more about the harsh life of Central Florida’s early pioneers, Rosen picked up Patrick D. Smith’s novel, A Land Remembered. The book made a deep impression on Rosen.

“So precious is Patrick’s book,” Rosen says, “that we have dedicated our entire Shingle Creek Hotel to it.” In fact, the novel, which tells the story of how, over the course of three generations, the MacIvey family lifts itself from dirt-poor Crackers to wealthy real estate tycoons, can be read as a striking parallel to the life of Rosen himself, who emerged from a childhood in the poor lower east side of New York City to become the successful hotelier that he is today. Rosen Shingle Creek’s signature restaurant “A Land Remembered” is named after the novel, and Rosen dreams of one day forging a 140-mile wilderness trail from the creek all the way south to Lake Okeechobee. “And,” Rosen says, “we shall name it The Patrick D. Smith Trail, in honor of the author of the most wonderful book, “A Land Remembered.”

Renaissance of A Region.

In addition to memorializing the region’s rich history and hearty pioneers, Rosen was committed to showcasing the area’s natural beauty, as well.

When he first purchased the 250 acres of land along the Shingle Creek, Rosen marveled at the abundant native flowers and plants, and he envisioned making these natural wonders a focal point of the hotel inside and out. Rich with dense oaks, towering pines and majestic cypress trees, this site, Rosen felt, captured the essence of Florida’s natural magnificence. After donating 20 acres to the University of Central Florida for the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Rosen committed to emphasizing the natural beauty of the area everywhere possible.

All along the property, guests can walk amongst native plants and vegetation, including lady palms, bamboo, pygmy date palms and more. Inside, the guest rooms are decorated with original framed photographs that depict the meadows, streams and flowers of the Shingle Creek area. These breathtaking images, which capture a wide array of species including Pink Irises, Crown of Thorns and Air Plants, were captured by Garritt Toohey, who at the time was Vice President of Rosen Hotels. (Toohey has since retired.)

Rosen Shingle Creek’s ballrooms and meeting spaces further reflect the importance of Florida’s natural wonders in the concept of the hotel. Each room honors the state’s magnificent lakes, rivers and landmarks with names like Wekiwa, St. Johns, Suwannee, Butler and Sebastian./p>

Today, more than a century after the original settlement was established around Shingle Creek, this remarkable waterway and the vibrant region that surrounds it are again the epicenter of an enthralling community.

“I wanted to create an enduring legacy with this hotel,” Rosen explained. “A legacy not just to me or this company, but to the Florida I know and love, to the original pioneers who believed in the potential of this area and were true survivors. Rosen Shingle Creek embodies the spirit of the real, authentic Florida in every regard.”

For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, call (866) 996-6338 or visit

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. Numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality have fueled the growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 34 years. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

Rosen Shingle Creek—It Started With A Vision, It Ended With A Masterpiece

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Every aspect of the new AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek—from the Mediterranean flourishes to the way the façade seems perfectly enmeshed in the tropical surroundings—was designed to offer convention and leisure guests an unparalleled experience. At Rosen Shingle Creek, every architectural detail is a reflection of the Golden Era of Florida hotels, while the hotel itself incorporates just about every modern amenity imaginable.

“My vision was to create a hotel that rivaled the legendary hotels this state is famous for,” declared Harris Rosen, founder and president of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Hotels.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Rosen Shingle Creek is the way the design enhances the quality of light that comes into almost all the public spaces. The sheer radiance of the interior spaces allows guests to connect with the outside environment—a rare quality among properties this large. In fact, while the convention area’s pre-function spaces are massive, some areas are enhanced with views to gardens, the golf course or if they are on the interior of the property, include large skylights to energize the guest experience.

Another striking detail is the entrance to the hotel tower, which showcases an 80-foot by 80-foot porte-cochere graced by a multi-tiered fountain. This majestic feature, a collaboration between landscape architect Paul Verlander and Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects, Inc. (HHCP), includes an exquisite pool with four large Florida sand crane sculptures spouting water into the lower pools. Equally engaging is Rosen Shingle Creek’s reception desk, behind which is a floor to ceiling glass wall that forms a looking glass into a tropical garden, a true delight for out-of-town, and especially international guests. The other end of the lobby is also an eye catcher with its massive pre-cast fireplace and seating area.

The hotel also includes a secondary transportation lobby adjacent to the monumental “Rotunda,” which serves as a reference point for guests coming from the hotel tower to the grand ballrooms. This stunning space, with its wood-clad multi-tiered ceilings, soars over 70 feet in height incorporating layers of clearstory windows.

These extraordinary design ideas—playing up the natural light, utilizing dramatic design features to enhance the welcome experience—did not come about serendipitously.

Rosen Hotels & Resorts has had a long running relationship with Maitland, Florida-based HHCP Architects. These two prominent Central Florida entities have collaborated on four other projects, including three major hotel hotels. And the results have been consistently exceptional.

Tom Hurley, one of the original partners of the 31-year old award-winning architecture firm was the lead designer on Rosen Shingle Creek and proclaimed that “every project we have worked on with Rosen has been a terrific experience. But this one, in particular, we knew had the potential to transcend anything we had done together before.”

Because of the incredible scope of this project, Rosen turned to another trusted partner for the contracting and construction—Welbro Building Corporation. Headquartered in Maitland, Florida, Welbro has been a major player in the Florida construction market for over 27 years and is especially experienced in the hotel/hospitality markets. They are consistently ranked among the nation’s top contractors by Engineering News Record.

The team understood early on the scale of the project on which they were working. In fact, the project was launched with a comprehensive tour around the state, studying and exploring some of the grand hotels of Florida. Hurley explained. “It was the start of an intensely collaborative process that got the entire team—Rosen, HHCP, two interior design teams—Wm. B. Dodson, Inc. and Kristine Gregonis Associates, Inc. and Welbro Construction—started on the same page. We went to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and the northeast part of the state. We even created scrapbooks of each of the properties we visited.”

That trip gave the team the opportunity to really delve into what they envisioned for this new project. Rosen’s idea was a Mediterranean theme, “an Italian revival with Moorish overtones,” Hurley said. “So, we took that idea and challenged ourselves to make it as great as it could be.”

“When I first envisioned the Rosen Shingle Creek, I set my sights high,” explained Rosen. “I studied the hotels that I had always admired. I examined the renowned hotels, with their colorful histories, enviable reputations and household names. And I decided that my next hotel, this hotel, must be of that caliber.”

Upon returning to Central Florida, the team conducted studies on four different sites before settling on the Shingle Creek property. But once this particular site became available, Rosen knew that it was ideal. The history and geography of the land melded perfectly with his idea of paying tribute to Florida’s colorful past.

“What we liked most about this particular spot,” Rosen elaborated, “was its location and the fact that it was a lovely wooded site with many trees—pines and oaks—and wildlife. I decided on the spot to purchase this land.”

“A few days later,” Rosen continued, “I took a helicopter flight over the site and viewed it from a different perspective. In the air, I discovered a little stream meandering through the property on the eastern most border heading due south. I asked the helicopter pilot if he knew anything about this little stream and he said, no. When we landed, I began to make inquiries and discovered, much to my surprise, that it was actually Shingle Creek, the very headwaters to Florida’s famous Everglades. I knew then, that Shingle Creek would be the name of our new hotel.”

Hurley agreed that the site would be ideal. But he also knew there would be challenges ahead. “Rosen’s goal was a 1,500-room hotel, but he wanted to be sure that it felt warm and intimate—not an easy task with such a large property. We could have easily put up a 30-story tower, but that wasn’t what he wanted. Essentially, we had to create something expansive that didn’t feel big.”

Rosen himself issued numerous challenges to the design team. He initiated the discussion of creating a massive column-free ballroom. The challenge pushed the design team to think beyond the ordinary and pushed building technology, too. The resulting 95,000 square foot Gatlin Ballroom is one of the largest column-free ballrooms in the United States.

Rosen Shingle Creek also includes three signature meeting rooms that offer guests access to a large exterior lawn area to be used for special events. One of these meeting rooms even features an upper balcony to be used for pre-function cocktail events so guests can then descend a monumental staircase to the banquet below.

“This is the third (here’s where we say third and wondered about the number) major convention hotel we’ve designed with Rosen, so obviously there’s a strong relationship there,” Hurley said. “Rosen respects our abilities, and between our organization and theirs, we have a healthy give and take of ideas and suggestions. But the biggest thing, from my standpoint, is that those guys really know what they’re doing. We’ve worked on hotels all over the world, and believe me, Rosen is the best in the business.”

Rosen feels similarly about working with HHCP, “First of all, these guys are world-class architects, experienced, knowledgeable and full of great ideas. But what I enjoy most about working with HHCP is that they know how to listen, they understand what we’re looking for, and they know how to present their ideas. Better yet, they know how to take our ideas and make them better. Much better. ”

Hurley commented that one thing that made the process unique for his team was how Rosen allowed various members of the hotel staff to get involved—and not just at the executive level. Rosen brought in representatives from the valet department to share their ideas and expertise to make the parking situation run more smoothly. He solicited input from representatives of the housekeeping department to discuss how to best manage moving laundry through the elevators to the laundry room. Food service, baggage and other departments were invited into the process in a similar manner. As a result, Rosen Shingle Creek is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it operates incredibly efficiently, too. Consequently, the staff is as comfortable as the guests./p>

“I think what amazes me the most,” Hurley concluded, “is how close the finished Rosen Shingle Creek is to the original concept drawings. The character has truly stayed the same.”

Rosen himself echoes the sentiment, “I know that I set my sights high when I first envisioned this hotel. But what I never could have envisioned is that the final product would actually exceed my expectations. I’ve never been as proud of a commercial project as I am of Shingle Creek.”

While Rosen Shingle Creek continues to rack up rave reviews, its success can easily be traced back to one thing—the collaborative process. As Hurley and Rosen both acknowledge, this accomplishment is a reflection of all the members of the team coming to the table with a shared vision and common values and being led by one of the foremost hospitality teams in the world.

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. The growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 38 years has been fueled by numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

An innovator in architecture since 1975, Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects, Inc. (HHCP) delivers award-winning, imaginative designs and exceptional services for clients around the world. With a talented, diverse staff of more than 80 architects, planners and support personnel based in Orlando and Beijing, China, HHCP offers clients a unique breadth and depth of expertise through its diverse practice areas. For more information about HHCP, visit

For more information, contact: Mary Deatrick
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Spacious Rosen Shingle Creek Guest Rooms Blend Luxury and Early Florida Charm

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Memories of Florida’s grand hotels featuring turn-of-the-century splendor spring to life with the unveiling of spacious new guest rooms at the new AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek. The lush backdrop of early 1900s Florida, with its natural charms and Spanish-revival flavor, sets the tone for the elegant, functional guest rooms and suites, in their jewel-tone colors.

Designed by W. M. Dodson, Inc., with comfort and luxury in mind, the oversized guest rooms at 436 gross square feet are among the largest in Central Florida. Each accommodation provides an inviting escape with plush Creek Sleeper beds, warm chestnut furniture, soothing deep cinnamon, gold and aqua fabrics and custom art of the area’s lush, natural surroundings. 32-inch flat screen TVs, high-speed Internet access and other high-tech conveniences complete each room’s tuned-in-yet-relaxed ambiance.

“We wanted our guest rooms to be warm, inviting and comfortable,” says Leslie Menichini, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Rosen Hotels & Resorts Convention Properties. “While every state-of-the-art amenity is provided, each room’s theme evokes the irresistible aura of a traditional, old-Florida hotel.”

The full-service convention hotel offers 1,500 guest rooms and suites, including 106 parlor suites, 30 hospitality suites and three sumptuous presidential suites. Firm but plush Creek Sleeper beds available in all guest rooms are classic super-pillow top style dressed in Egyptian cotton sheets, faux down blankets and warm cinnamon and gold decorative bed scarves, skirts and pillows. Crown molding, carved and burnished chestnut headboards and dressers add further warmth to each room.

In each guest room, original framed photographs in a canvas giclee (an ancient process used to give canvasses depth) by Rosen Hotels & Resorts Vice President and photo hobbyist Garritt Toohey provide a window on the world of meadows, streams, flora, fauna and other natural treasures of frontier Florida. Toohey’s nature works also are hung in common areas throughout the hotel, reflecting the lush, oak-and-pine-studded Shingle Creek waterway that serves as headwaters to the Florida Everglades and its treeline may be viewed from the guest hotel windows.

A stylish alabaster three-way dresser lamp provides soft nightlight illumination from its carved translucent base; nightstand lamps are antique gold with crystal accents and hand-sewn silk shades, and both nightstand and desk lamps come equipped with handy electrical outlets in each lamp’s base. Additional guest room features include an overstuffed lounge chair in custom medallion fabric of aqua and subtle gold, and rich wall-to-floor draperies in gold and aqua, with a Kingston valance trimmed with cinnamon fringe, with soft gold custom sheer to reflect the room’s overall color scheme. The fabric designer used a historic palm pattern from the early 1900’s from South Florida on the sheers. The ceiling is painted a soft aqua to provide a unique and calming atmosphere.

Conveniences like 32-inch flat screen TVs, which include connectivity panels for laptop, iPod, and other devices, take guest room technology to the ultimate level. The TVs feature NXTV technology offering each guest access to make restaurant reservations or schedule a spa appointment or tee time, as well as access to the Internet to view meeting schedules. The NXTV technology also allows the guest to use broadcast messaging (if attending a convention) and access an email address issued to them during their stay.

The email address allows those without remote email access or a laptop computer the ability to send and receive email through their guest room TV set and its wireless keyboard. In addition, each guestroom features two phones featuring individual speed dial numbers, its own directory and mass voice messaging.

Each guest bath is fitted with custom chestnut vanity, granite countertops. Chic curved shower rods offer a roomier bathing and shower area and towel bars in bronze finish accent the luxury bath, which also features soft gold, aqua and cinnamon tones.

“Form meets function in a dramatic new way in these distinctive guest rooms and suites,” says a designer with W. M. Dodson, Inc. “We’ve stayed true to the Spanish-revival splendor of early Florida while incorporating the hottest technology and style trends sure to pack a ‘wow’ with our guests.”

Groups up to 7,600 can enjoy one of the largest full-service convention hotels in Central Florida at Rosen Shingle Creek. The hotel’s 462,000 square feet of dedicated, state-of-the-art meeting/event space includes a 95,000-square-foot column-free ballroom. Amenities include the 13,000-square-foot Spa at Shingle Creek with nine treatment rooms and a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, twelve restaurant and lounging options, four outdoor swimming pools, two lighted tennis courts, basketball, nature trails, fishing, volleyball and more.

Golfers can tee off at the hotel’s David Harman-designed, 18-hole, par 72 (7,228-yard) championship golf course opened in December 2003 and ranked one of the “Top 40 Best New Courses in the U.S.” by Golfweek Magazine.

Located on 230 acres within minutes of Orlando International Airport and area attractions, the hotel is the newest addition to the Rosen Hotels & Resorts group, which owns and operates six additional award-winning properties in the Orlando destination market. For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, please visit or call 866-996-9939.

For more information, contact: Mary Deatrick
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The Spa at Shingle Creek — Inspired by Native Floridians, Invigorating for Guests Today

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From its architecture to its cuisine, Florida’s unique personality bears the unmistakable influence of the Spanish and Native American people who have called this popular peninsula home. Likewise, the AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek draws inspiration from and pays homage to these original Floridians, especially in the signature style and services of the 13,000 sq. ft, nine-room Spa at Shingle Creek and Fitness Center.

The Spa at Shingle Creek has been developed not just as an amenity for leisure and business guests at the 1,500-room hotel. It is a destination unto itself, a one-of-a-kind spa experience rooted in the area’s rich history, the surrounding landscape and the traditions of Florida’s indigenous people. Like the rest of Rosen Shingle Creek, the architecture and interior design of The Spa at Shingle Creek was developed in harmony with the natural surroundings, incorporating dark woods and a palette of rich earth tones that are a reflection of the lush vegetation and even Shingle Creek itself, headwaters of the Florida Everglades.

While searching to develop The Spa at Shingle Creek’s unique personality, Rosen Shingle Creek’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Leslie Menichini immersed herself in the history of Florida’s Native American people. What she discovered was that the cultures of the Spanish and Native Americans were greatly intertwined in Central Florida and throughout the state.

By the late 1600s, the Spanish had set up a chain of missions extending westward past Tallahassee, where the Apalachee Indians were settled. While the native groups died out fairly quickly after the arrival of the Spanish, many of their traditions lived on, and a few of their names were passed on through oral tradition and eventually written down. In an effort to honor these early Floridians, the hotel decided to name the spa’s nine treatment rooms after the Native Americans. Today, those rooms are called Sabacola, Sawokli, Tawasa, Chatot, Timucuan, Apalachee, Seminole, Cherokee and Tocobaqo. These names are Native American tribal names or titles of important chiefs or village leaders.

The hotel found this research so inspiring that he even encouraged his team to develop treatments and services that reflected Central Florida’s Native American History. Two of those services are the Ocoee Body Mask and the Calusa Cocoon. “Ocoee,” Menichini says, “is Cherokee meaning ‘place where the passion flower is found,’ and we thought was an ideal name for a rejuvenating spa treatment.”

The Calusa Indians were often referred to as The Shell People and utilized shells as tools, weapons, art, and jewelry, and also incorporated algae, seaweeds and oils from the sea into tribal ceremonies believing in their healing properties. That was the inspiration for developing the Calusa Cocoon, a relaxing and hydrating body treatment incorporates restorative oils, a warm body wrap and hydrating mini-facial.

The Spa at Shingle Creek’s signature treatments draw on the restorative powers of the area’s indigenous fauna and are reflective of Rosen Shingle Creek’s Florida roots, incorporating citrus and cedar scents in the signature salt scrub, body lotion, body butter and body spritz, while indulging guests in the warm, woodsy feel of nearby Shingle Creek. In fact, these same cedar and citrus scents are also found in Rosen ShingleCreek’s in-room amenities including shampoos, conditioners, lotions and body wash. The Spa at Shingle Creek’s signature treatments include:

  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Body Revitalizer—A purifying cleanser, a stimulating exfoliation, and energizing moisture treatment that soothes and softens the skin. This full body treatment leaves the skin luminous, supple, and revitalized.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Body Revitalizer—A purifying cleanser, a stimulating exfoliation, and energizing moisture treatment that soothes and softens the skin. This full body treatment leaves the skin luminous, supple, and revitalized.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Fitness Facial™—This high-performance treatment, exclusive to The Spa, utilizes botanical and aromatherapy-based products. Each facial is customized, leaving guests looking and feeling fantastic.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Manicure—This deluxe treatment includes an exfoliation that leaves hands soft and smooth, but also invigorated.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Pedicure–This treatment utilizes energizing oil, salts with mineral and essential oils, followed by a massage with hydrating body butter and a light mist for additional moisture and refreshment.

Menichini describes The Spa at Shingle Creek at Shingle Creek as an oasis. “The warm atmosphere and personal attention,” he says, “transport guests into a calm, relaxed state. There is a transformation that takes place here. Stress is relieved and inner beauty comes to the surface.”

In addition to the signature treatments, The Spa at Shingle Creek offers an eclectic and enticing menu of services that range from the sublime to the exotic. Guests can even choose from eleven distinct massages, including:

  • The Native Creek Stone Massage, combining a healing human touch with hot stone therapy. Native Americans believe that the body and soul is one with the earth. Heated basalt stones are placed on the body in a pattern representing direction, color, animals, and life cycles for body balancing.
  • The Creekside Citrus and Cedar Massage, a full body and scalp massage, which incorporates White Cedar, Spruce and Lime oils to deliver an unforgettable experience.
  • Aroma Soul Massage, a luxurious treatment that combines the therapeutic benefits of touch and smell.
  • Mother-to-Be Massage

Also available to overnight or day guests is a full menu of body treatments, facials, nail care, hair and salon services, and a 3,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Fitness Center. But Menichini is especially excited about The Spa at Shingle Creek’s many packages. “These packages are a terrific way to immerse yourself in the full spa experience,” she says. “They are a great way to sample a variety of treatments and pamper yourself from head to toe or escape for an afternoon if your spouse is in business meetings.”

Spa packages include 2-hour, 1/2 day, Full day, Signature, Girl’s Getaway, Wedding and Teen Packages. The Spa at Shingle Creek’s most popular package is the six-hour Creekside Citrus and Cedar Signature Experience, which includes a massage, facial, body revitalizer, manicure, pedicure and spa lunch. “Our wedding packages,” Menichini exclaims, “are also sure to be tremendously popular. Few things bring a wedding party together like a morning at the spa.”

Menichini says that The Spa at Shingle Creek was always envisioned as one of the hotel’s gems. “The Spa at Shingle Creek plays a vital role in the whole hotel experience,” Menichini says. “But what’s most exciting is that our spa offers services that are only available here. Like every other aspect of the hotel, our signature services, are a reflection of the history, geography and natural beauty of this part of the state. Only at Rosen Shingle Creek can a guest indulge in an Orange Blossom Facial or Cypress Salt Glow. These are one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Menichini is also quick to point out that The Spa is not just for women. There are many services specifically developed for men, whether to relieve stress, rejuvenate sore muscles after a long day of golf or simply for the pure indulgence of a great massage, facial, manicure or men’s pedicure. The Spa features Sonya Dakar products for men and women.

Looking back on the evolution of The Spa at Shingle Creek, Menichini expresses how thrilled he is with how it has evolved—from the vision she and his team shared with Harris Rosen, president and COO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, to the reality that it is today. “The spa is far more than an amenity for guests. It will be a destination unto itself and a hit with locals, too, because of its intimate size and the personal attention that each guest receives.”

Occupying a 230-acre site along Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, the 1,500-room Rosen Shingle Creek offers 462,000 sq. ft. of meeting/event space, championship golf and an array of nature-focused activities, including hiking and seasonal fishing.

Rosen Shingle Creek is the newest addition to the Rosen Hotels & Resorts group, which currently owns and operates seven award-winning properties in the Orlando destination market. The Shingle Creek Golf Club opened for play in December 2003. For more information about the Rosen Shingle Creek, please visit or call (866) 996-9339. For information about other Rosen properties, please visit

For more information, contact: Mary Deatrick
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From Fine Dining to Poolside Fare, Luxury Hotel Caters to Diverse Tastes

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Guests Find Culinary Excellence Around Every Bend At Rosen Shingle Creek

ORLANDO — While most guests are initially drawn to Rosen Shingle Creek for its luxurious appointments, its turn-of-the-century Spanish revival architecture, and Rosen Hotels’ reputation for impeccable guest service — not to mention its highly acclaimed championship golf course — the hotel’s diverse array of full-service and convenience dining options and the culinary prowess of its skilled chefs quickly turn an already incredible stay into a truly unforgettable experience.

With twelve dining and refreshment choices ranging from a fine-dining Italian bistro and a classic steakhouse to a 24-hour NY-style Market and an ice cream parlor, guests seeking a truly relaxing stay need never leave the walls of the grand facility. “At the end of the day, it’s all about service,” Harris Rosen explains. “We’ve incorporated every comfort and convenience we could think of. Whether our guests are in search of a quiet evening to enjoy a hearty cabernet and a succulent steak, a fine-dining bistro experience, or that unique signature libation, the restaurants and watering holes are sure to please.”

And, says Rosen, if by chance a guest is looking for something not offered at Rosen Shingle Creek, the staff will move mountains to satisfy that guest’s needs — the real mark of a Rosen property.

Ensuring the hotel makes its mark on the Orlando area culinary scene is Executive Chef Jorge Oliveira, a 14-year veteran of the Rosen family of hotels and hotels. Chef Jorge received his culinary degree from Johnson and Wales, where he focused on French and Northern Italian Cuisine. He began his career with Hilton Hotels in Dallas, training under a Master Chef in one of its large convention hotels and ultimately completed the Hilton Hotels management program. Prior to joining the Rosen family, he was a chef at Hilton hotels in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Chicago. Now at Rosen Shingle Creek, Chef Jorge designs Florida-heritage inspired culinary creations that reflect the hotel’s “authentic Florida” theme.

Among the tastefully appointed and deliciously tantalizing dining options under Chef Jorge’s direction at Rosen Shingle Creek are:

The Calusa Indians were often referred to as The Shell People and utilized shells as tools, weapons, art, and jewelry, and also incorporated algae, seaweeds and oils from the sea into tribal ceremonies believing in their healing properties. That was the inspiration for developing the Calusa Cocoon, a relaxing and hydrating body treatment incorporates restorative oils, a warm body wrap and hydrating mini-facial.

A Land Remembered

After reading Patrick Smith’s rich historical novel “A Land Remembered,” chronicling the dogged determination of three generations of Florida pioneers, Harris Rosen decided, “So precious is Patrick’s book that we have dedicated our entire Shingle Creek theme to it.” The cornerstone of Harris Rosen’s dream hotel is his high-end classic steakhouse, which brings to life what Smith so artfully penned — the rugged spirit, natural beauty and colorful history of the state in an era when cotton, cattle and citrus were its prime industries.

In keeping with the hotel’s tribute to the Florida’s natural environment, A Land Remembered steakhouse, opening in May 2007, will be located in the Shingle Creek Golf Club House, nestled among dense oaks and pines along the picturesque Shingle Creek. Inside, rich, dark woods are accented with brass fixtures while artwork by Native American artists adorns the walls. Artifacts from the pre-Civil War era will evoke the imagery of Smith’s novel.

When it opens in this year, this all-American steakhouse is certain to secure legendary status with its unforgettable menu of prime cut meats and other American favorites paired with robust side dishes. Hearty and flavorful meal starters will include Jumbo Lump Crab Martini with mango pico, cilantro oil and micro greens and Grilled BBQ Prawns with jalapeno bacon and apple relish. Sure to be favorites from the grill are the De Soto Double Rib Stuffed Pork with black mission figs, apricots, corn bread & roasted chillies with apple jack pan jus, Lamb Tequesta dry rubbed with roasted garlic, stoneground mustard, cilantro and mint and the 10 oz Filet Mignon with roasted garlic and fried green tomatoes. An extensive wine selection promises the perfect companion to any entrée.

Cala Bella ™ (“Creek Beautiful”)

Patrons of this fine-dining Italian Bistro are not only in for a wonderful culinary experience, but can expect to be equally impressed with the enchanting ambience announced by rich interiors and glorious golf and lake views. As guests arrive, they’re greeted with an astounding array of fine wines displayed in the restaurant’s functional glass wine wall. A featured selection of wines is displayed at eye level to allow guests to peruse the labels and consider their many tempting options before being seated for dinner.

Once inside the restaurant, guests are immediately captivated with the open, but intimate setting in which dark woods, bold colors and rich leathers set the stage for a magnificent meal.

Complementing an already exquisite dining environment, Cala Bella also boasts a magnificent private dining room for up to 30 people. In addition, a presentation-cooking bar allows couples, small groups or families to dine privately while Rosen Shingle Creek’s talented chefs prepare an exquisite meal right before their eyes.

Cala Bella’s signature beginnings include the marriage of supreme meats and cheeses with roasted vegetables in the house antipasto, a delightful flaming Pescara Mussels, and a signature bruschetta that uniquely brings together leeks and broccoli rabe. Masterful selections from the grill include Cala Bella Lamb with rosemary-minted marsala; Fontina Filet, boasting proscco -stewed beans and fontina fondue; and San Giovanni Chicken Involtini. Chef Jorge’s involtini, or “wrapped bundles,” deliciously combines tender chicken breast, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella with a fragrant garden pesto.

The restaurant promises an elegant ending to any meal with Chocolate Sabayon, Lemon Marscapone Cheesecake, Cinnamon Espresso Crème Brulee, the Cala Bella Tira Misu or a trio of homemade gelato.

Bella’s Bar

Tucked in the vestibule of Cala Bella, Bella’s Bar provides an intimate setting for a relaxing cocktail prior to, or a fine cigar following a thoroughly satisfying Italian meal. The focal point of this cozy lounge is a baby grand player piano that provides a subtle accompaniment suited to a romantic evening or an important business agreement. Bella’s Bar offers signature Rosen Shingle Creek cocktails, such as the Cala Bella Colada and Ponce de Lemon, as well as a wide selection of fine cigars such as Romeo & Juliet, La Amora Preferido and Monte Cristo from the bar’s six-foot humidor.

Café Osceola & Osceola Bar

As soon as they step into the lobby area of the hotel, guests get a grand view of Café Osceola & Osceola Bar — a warm, inviting restaurant and lounge appointed in Spanish revival colors of blue and gold. From both the grand viewing area and from the restaurant level itself, exquisite views of Florida’s nature can be seen via impressive floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Rosen Shingle Creek’s authentic Florida heritage continues to shine through in the menu at Café Osceola. Breakfast specialty items include Little Creek from the Crate (a selection of fruits, cheese and bread), Indian Village Club Breakfast, Seminole Smoked Salmon and Tallapoosa River Quesadilla. Guests can also enjoy the breakfast buffet which features an assortment of fresh breakfast items and “you call the shots” made-to-order omelets.

The All-Day Dining menu features a selection hearty soups and palette-pleasing appetizers reminiscent of Florida’s past, such as Payne’s Landing Yakatori Chicken and Muskgee Baked Tortilla Pie. For a lighter taste, guests can choose from the Fort King Shrimp Salad, the Ch echo lo Cobb Salad or the Mikasuki Southwest Caesar Salad. Signature sandwiches and burgers include the Fort Moultrie Pork Hoagie, the Indian Village Chicken Club and Shingle Creek Wrap, while café specialties tempt the taste buds with colorful names like Tepee Tacos and the Tallapoosa Swordfish. Upper Creek Fajitas and inviting pasta dishes are also available throughout the day.

No meal would be complete at Café Osceola without the Indian Peace Offering dessert featuring a warm brownie with praline ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel, whipped topping and salted pecans. Other tempting options include War Chief Cheesecake, the Warrior Cobble or the Seminole Harvest Spice Cake.

Designer Cocktails and Signature Libations Whether the occasion calls for a pre-dinner cocktail or an evening out with friends or colleagues, Rosen Shingle Creek offers several hideaways and hotspots featuring creative signature drinks. Bella’s Bar, located within Cala Bella Italian Bistro, provides the ideal setting to partake in a Menichinitini (named after the hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing), or to relax with a great cigar. Headwaters Lounge™, located in the hotel’s lobby, offers a great environment for gathering with friends, colleagues or clients and the chance to enjoy a signature Headwaters Margarita or the Sebastian Shipwreck. Cat-Tails Pool Bar & Grille offers a taste of pure paradise — a place to kick back, relax and enjoy a bite to eat with a frozen concoction, a Pensacola Breeze or an ice cold Rosen Hotels & Resorts’ Alligator Drool beer (the company’s own micro-brewed signature libation).

Additional Rosen Shingle Creek Food and Beverage Amenities

The tradition of guest service and convenience at Rosen Hotels and Resorts is taken a step further at Rosen Shingle Creek’s 18 Monroe Street Market, a 24-hour NY-style deli. No matter the time of day, or the size of the appetite, the deli offers a variety of items from a light snack to a quick made-to-order meal that can be enjoyed on premises or boxed to go.

Morning caffeine seekers or those “jonesing” for an afternoon pick-me-up find sanctuary at Smoooth Java™ coffee bar, located in the hotel’s main lobby. This convenient pit stop offers Starbucks™ coffee products as well as an assortment of pastries and snacks.

Taking care of each guest’s sweet tooth one scoop at a time, The Creek Ice Creamery serves in excess of thirty flavors and a variety of cool flavorful treats.

Par Take offers golfers an outdoor respite with sandwiches, snacks and cool libations.

Of course, for guests who prefer to dine in the privacy of their rooms or suites, Rosen Shingle Creek gladly and quickly accommodates with 24-Hour Room Service.

Occupying a 230-acre site along Shingle Creek, the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, the 1,500-room Rosen Shingle Creek hotel offers 462,000 sq. ft. of meeting/event space, a full service 13,000-sq. ft. Spa at Shingle Creek, nine dining and lounging options, four pools, two lighted tennis courts, volleyball, basketball and an array of nature-focused activities, including hiking and fishing. The hotel is also gaining acclaim for its three-year old David Harman-designed Shingle Creek Golf Course, recently named “One of the Top 40 Best New Courses” by Golfweek magazine and “One of the Top 25 Most Challenging Courses in Central Florida” by the Orlando Business Journal, and for the Brad Brewer Golf Academy, offering corporate golf clinics. Brewer has been named by Golf Magazine as a “Top 100 Instructor for 2007-2008.”

For more information about the Rosen Shingle Creek, please visit or call (866) 996-9939.

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Rosen Shingle Creek: Inside and Out, A Showcase of Florida’s Exquisite Natural Beauty

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From the framed photographs adorning the walls to the exotic flowers and plants that envelop this magnificent 230-acre site, the AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek is a vibrant showcase for the flora and fauna that make Florida a wonderland of natural beauty.

“One of the highlights of the hotel really is the environment that surrounds us,” Leslie Menichini explained. “Mr. Rosen’s vision, from the first time he saw the property, was to pay homage to the beauty of the state.”

Orlando’s newest and grandest full-service convention and vacation hotel emphasizes the magnificence of the environment. With the pristine waters of Shingle Creek—the headwaters of the Florida Everglades—as its centerpiece, the land surrounding the hotel is flourishing with lush native plant life, wildlife and vivid beauty. As guests of Rosen Shingle Creek stroll along the grounds, they are immersed in an exotic environment unrivaled by any other Orlando hotel. Blooming tropical flowers, such as the Michiko Dracaenas, Lady Palms and Marginatas, provide bursts of color all along the way. Native foliage such as Adonidia, Bamboo and Pigmy Date Palms—plants that have thrived in Florida’s tropical climate for ages—are focal points of the landscaping. Adding to the natural splendor, the indigenous Weeping Yaupon can also be found throughout the grounds, while canopies of Southern Live Oaks provide a majestic aspect to the landscaping and are a visual treat.

At Rosen Shingle Creek, the celebration of nature doesn’t end outdoors. In fact, every room on the property showcases Shingle Creek’s enchanting environment. Guest rooms are decorated with original framed photographs reproduced in canvas giclee, that depict the meadows, streams and flowers of the Shingle Creek area. These breathtaking images, which capture a wide array of species including Pink Irises, Crown of Thorns and Air Plants, were captured by Garritt Toohey, the Vice President of Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

Toohey first took up photography as a hobby in 2002, snapping his first shot with a Sony Mavica 2.1. He has since established himself as a celebrated amateur photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout Central Florida. Toohey especially enjoys shooting close-ups of flora in its natural setting whenever he has free time. His works, besides adorning the walls of Rosen Shingle Creek’s guestrooms, are also hung in common areas throughout the hotel.

When asked about his unique contributions to Rosen Shingle Creek, Toohey says, “This is a very special hotel, and I am simply honored that the team wanted to display my photographs. It’s amazing and flattering to see them hung throughout the hotel.”

Another aspect of the hotel that has benefited from Toohey’s creative talents is the kitchen. Rosen Shingle Creek’s Chef Jorge has adopted a recipe by Toohey as the hotel’s house dressing. Toohey’s original homemade salad dressing was created from a recipe he concocted 15 years ago.

Throughout the rest of the hotel, harmony with the natural environment is the primary influencing factor. Florida’s natural beauty is inherent in so many details, from the design and architecture to the artwork, even to the diverse recreational activities, which include fishing, nature trails, and, of course, the David Harman designed, 7,228-yard championship golf course, which offers players incomparable views of this stunning area.

“I encouraged every member of our team, from the architects to the interior designers to the director of operations to find inspiration in the surrounding beauty,” said Harris Rosen, Founder and President of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Resorts. “And truly, they exceeded my expectations.” For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, call (866) 996-9939 or visit

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. Numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality have fueled the growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 34 years. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

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Harris Rosen: Hotelier, Humanitarian & Hospitality Legend

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Harris Rosen, founder and president of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Resorts, isn’t a man who thinks much about his legacy. He is too busy for that. Rosen’s time is spent envisioning new ways to help the less fortunate here in Central Florida and around the world. He is actively ensuring that the next generation of hospitality professionals takes the industry to even greater heights. At the same time, he’s busy launching the most dynamic vacation and convention hotel to open in Central Florida in years—Rosen Shingle Creek. In truth, this new property is more than just another hotel for Rosen; it is the crowning achievement of his four distinguished decades in the hospitality industry. Just as important, it is the fulfillment of a personal dream.

“I have spent the best years of my career here in Florida,” Rosen explained. “I love every aspect of this state—the geography, the history, the people. So, for my final project, I envisioned a hotel that honored the majesty of the natural Florida frontier and reflected the spirit of the grand hotels built here at the turn of century.”

Rosen purchased this parcel of 250 glorious acres along the legendary Shingle Creek several years ago. Flourishing with native flowers and plants—including dense oaks, towering pines and majestic cypress trees—this site, Rosen felt, embodied Florida’s natural magnificence. And he knew that it would be the ideal setting for the final project in his illustrious career.

That career began in 1961 when Rosen graduated from the prestigious School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. But Rosen’s path to success began at a much earlier age.

“My first job was selling worms,” Rosen explained. “I was 8 or 9 years old, staying at a cabin in upstate New York during the summer while my father worked in the city. After a few days up there, I realized that the fishermen were anxious to fish, but didn’t want to bother with finding their own bait. So, I started catching night crawlers and selling them—three worms for a quarter. That was a lot of money back then.”

That worm business was perhaps the first glimpse of Rosen’s entrepreneurial spirit. But it wouldn’t be the last.

After college, Rosen went into the Army for three and a half years and was stationed overseas in Asia and Europe. While in Germany, Rosen was once again bitten by the business bug and found an opportunity to start a tulip business. Once again, he was a success. In fact, he earned enough money selling flowers to do a little traveling while on R & R, and it was on one of these trips that he stumbled onto his next entrepreneurial adventure.

On the beaches of Spain, Rosen began selling sun reflectors to the German tourists. He manufactured the reflectors himself and even sold advertising on the backs to makers of sunscreen. Before he headed back to his unit, Rosen had sold out of his inventory.

To Rosen, these ventures felt perfectly natural. Everything he attempted, he approached with incredible energy. And when he returned from his service, Rosen rededicated himself to the hospitality industry. He went to work with the Hilton Hotel Corporation and worked his way up to senior management, and then went into management with the Disney Company in California.

When Rosen migrated to Central Florida in the early seventies, he was ready to reclaim his entrepreneurial spirit, only this time, it wasn’t a worm business he was interested in.

In 1973, Rosen purchased a 256-room Quality Inn in Orlando on International Drive, and his company was officially underway. In Florida, Rosen was determined to set his roots, and raise the bar for the entire hotel industry. He was also excited to be a part of something bigger. He wanted to immerse himself in the community as well as his business.

Rosen recollects, “Where I grew up, in New York City’s Lower East Side, people didn’t have a lot of money. Everywhere I looked, I saw blue-collar workers. But my mom wanted more from me. I remember her saying constantly, ‘I don’t care what you are, just be the best.’” That advice pretty well sums up Rosen’s work ethic—whether he’s working on a new hotel like Rosen Shingle Creek or on one of his philanthropic endeavors, he is headstrong and totally committed. “I know that I’ve come a long way, but I don’t feel wealthy or successful. I think it’s just my Lower East Side background. I just work hard, like my mom told me to do.”

Over the course of the last thirty years, Rosen’s company has grown from 256 rooms to more than 6,300. Today, the Rosen family of hotels, which includes the award-winning Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza, and four other properties in the Orlando area, remains, unwaveringly, a standard-bearer of service, reflecting the influence of Rosen’s early positions at the Waldorf Astoria and others.

“The secret of success is no secret,” Rosen says. “You’ve got to work your ass off. You have to be obsessed.”

While the company’s newest property, the Rosen Shingle Creek, may be the pinnacle of Rosen’s hospitality career, his legacy extends well beyond guest rooms and golf courses. To people in the hospitality community, as well as the community at large, Rosen is just as renowned and even more revered for his philanthropy and good will.

Throughout his career, Rosen has believed that his mission is not just to conduct business in the community, but also to invest in it. Toward that end, in 1993, he launched the Tangelo Park Pilot Program with the mission of fulfilling the dreams of at-risk children and their parents.

“My pledge was that every two, three and four-year-old would be able to go to preschool at no expense to their parents,” Rosen explained, “and that for every youngster in the program who was accepted to a public college in the state of Florida, we would pay his or her tuition, room, board, books and travel.”

Since its inception, the Tangelo Park program has provided more than 200 college scholarships, and high school dropout rates have gone from 25% in 1993 to just 6% in 2004.

Rosen has also donated more than $22 million to the University of Central Florida for the creation of a world-class school of hospitality management, and he has become involved in such diverse projects as “Water for Haiti,” raising funds to purchase specialized water filtration devices in order to provide fresh drinking water to one million people in Haiti and “The Bronze Statue Program” at Bethune-Cookman College. Most recently, Rosen pledged $3.5 million to build a Southwest Orlando Jewish Community Campus in Dr. Phillips. The Campus will bear the name, “The Jack and Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Jewish Community Campus,” in honor of Mr. Rosen’s parents. As a result of his many heartfelt efforts, Harris Rosen is no longer simply a hotelier; he has become, in fact, a role model.

For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, call (866) 996-9939 or visit

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. Numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality have fueled the growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 34 years. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

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Rosen Shingle Creek Construction Fun Facts

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  • The approximate total weight of granite is 421,500 lbs
  • 23,450 Light Fixtures installed
  • 765 miles of wire pulled
  • 2.5 million lbs. of furniture and artwork
  • 3200 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 68,500 c.y. of concrete
  • 650,000 lbs. of post-tension cable
  • 410,000 s.f. of tilt wall panel (heaviest individual panel = 189,400 lbs)
  • 4800 tons of structural steel
  • 149 acres of drywall
  • 6.5 million s.f. of drywall
  • 17 acres of roof
  • 690,000 concrete roof tiles
  • 18.80 acres of parking lot
  • 5.9 miles of curb
  • 2.2 miles of storm pipe
  • 1.2 miles of sanitary pipe
  • 1.8 miles of water piping

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Executive Pastry Chef Biography & Information

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Executive Pastry Chef David Ramirez

David Ramirez is the Executive Pastry Chef for Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. Prior to working at Rosen Shingle Creek David was working at Loews Hotels Universal Orlando as Executive pastry chef and Universal Studios in Orlando as Pastry Chef running the production bakery servicing over 30 Restaurant outlets. David has been Executive Pastry Chef in 5 star properties in Orlando and Atlanta for the past 16 years and has also been pastry chef consultant for other properties throughout United States.

David started his career in Long Island N.Y. at vocational schools while working in an Italian bakery. Finishing High school and vocational school, David continued his education at Johnson and Wales University earning an Associates degree in pastry Arts. During his last year at Johnson Wales David secured a position with Swiss Hotels in Boston Massachusetts and continued working and developing is Pastry skills. David moved to Orlando Florida years later and continued working in hotels and fine dinning restaurants enhancing his pastry skills and developing managerial training. When David was 23 years old he became the Executive Pastry Chef for then Stouffer Hotels which soon became the Renaissance Orlando Resort. David soon realized his taste for culinary competition and started to compete at various ACF sanctioned events winning over a dozen gold and silver medals “Most Artistic” trophy and cash prizes.

David and team member Jim Mullaney competed in the first “Bread and Pastry Team Championship” 2004 in Atlantic City placing second earning a cash prize of $10,000 dollars silver medals and winning “Best Chocolate and Sugar Centerpiece”

In 2005 David and Team mates Laurent Lhuillier and James Mullaney teamed up to form “Team Lhuillier” and won first place in the National Pastry Championship in Phoenix July 2005. Team Lhuillier went on to win gold medal and also “Best Chocolate Centerpiece” and “Best Degustation” along with the $50,000.00 cash prize and the honor of being Team USA and competing in 2006 for the World Pastry Championship. In 2006 the team went on to win third place and a bronze medal along with $15,000.00 dollars cash prize.

In 2007 David was selected as the captain of Team USA, which will compete at the prestigious international Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France 2009.

For more information, contact: Mary Deatrick
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Photography available in our Photo Gallery