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Rosen Shingle Creek: Inside and Out, A Showcase of Florida’s Exquisite Natural Beauty

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From the framed photographs adorning the walls to the exotic flowers and plants that envelop this magnificent 230-acre site, the AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek is a vibrant showcase for the flora and fauna that make Florida a wonderland of natural beauty.

“One of the highlights of the hotel really is the environment that surrounds us,” Leslie Menichini explained. “Mr. Rosen’s vision, from the first time he saw the property, was to pay homage to the beauty of the state.”

Orlando’s newest and grandest full-service convention and vacation hotel emphasizes the magnificence of the environment. With the pristine waters of Shingle Creek—the headwaters of the Florida Everglades—as its centerpiece, the land surrounding the hotel is flourishing with lush native plant life, wildlife and vivid beauty. As guests of Rosen Shingle Creek stroll along the grounds, they are immersed in an exotic environment unrivaled by any other Orlando hotel. Blooming tropical flowers, such as the Michiko Dracaenas, Lady Palms and Marginatas, provide bursts of color all along the way. Native foliage such as Adonidia, Bamboo and Pigmy Date Palms—plants that have thrived in Florida’s tropical climate for ages—are focal points of the landscaping. Adding to the natural splendor, the indigenous Weeping Yaupon can also be found throughout the grounds, while canopies of Southern Live Oaks provide a majestic aspect to the landscaping and are a visual treat.

At Rosen Shingle Creek, the celebration of nature doesn’t end outdoors. In fact, every room on the property showcases Shingle Creek’s enchanting environment. Guest rooms are decorated with original framed photographs reproduced in canvas giclee, that depict the meadows, streams and flowers of the Shingle Creek area. These breathtaking images, which capture a wide array of species including Pink Irises, Crown of Thorns and Air Plants, were captured by Garritt Toohey, the Vice President of Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

Toohey first took up photography as a hobby in 2002, snapping his first shot with a Sony Mavica 2.1. He has since established himself as a celebrated amateur photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout Central Florida. Toohey especially enjoys shooting close-ups of flora in its natural setting whenever he has free time. His works, besides adorning the walls of Rosen Shingle Creek’s guestrooms, are also hung in common areas throughout the hotel.

When asked about his unique contributions to Rosen Shingle Creek, Toohey says, “This is a very special hotel, and I am simply honored that the team wanted to display my photographs. It’s amazing and flattering to see them hung throughout the hotel.”

Another aspect of the hotel that has benefited from Toohey’s creative talents is the kitchen. Rosen Shingle Creek’s Chef Jorge has adopted a recipe by Toohey as the hotel’s house dressing. Toohey’s original homemade salad dressing was created from a recipe he concocted 15 years ago.

Throughout the rest of the hotel, harmony with the natural environment is the primary influencing factor. Florida’s natural beauty is inherent in so many details, from the design and architecture to the artwork, even to the diverse recreational activities, which include fishing, nature trails, and, of course, the David Harman designed, 7,228-yard championship golf course, which offers players incomparable views of this stunning area.

“I encouraged every member of our team, from the architects to the interior designers to the director of operations to find inspiration in the surrounding beauty,” said Harris Rosen, Founder and President of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Resorts. “And truly, they exceeded my expectations.” For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, call (866) 996-9939 or visit

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. Numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality have fueled the growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 34 years. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

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Harris Rosen: Hotelier, Humanitarian & Hospitality Legend

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Harris Rosen, founder and president of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & Resorts, isn’t a man who thinks much about his legacy. He is too busy for that. Rosen’s time is spent envisioning new ways to help the less fortunate here in Central Florida and around the world. He is actively ensuring that the next generation of hospitality professionals takes the industry to even greater heights. At the same time, he’s busy launching the most dynamic vacation and convention hotel to open in Central Florida in years—Rosen Shingle Creek. In truth, this new property is more than just another hotel for Rosen; it is the crowning achievement of his four distinguished decades in the hospitality industry. Just as important, it is the fulfillment of a personal dream.

“I have spent the best years of my career here in Florida,” Rosen explained. “I love every aspect of this state—the geography, the history, the people. So, for my final project, I envisioned a hotel that honored the majesty of the natural Florida frontier and reflected the spirit of the grand hotels built here at the turn of century.”

Rosen purchased this parcel of 250 glorious acres along the legendary Shingle Creek several years ago. Flourishing with native flowers and plants—including dense oaks, towering pines and majestic cypress trees—this site, Rosen felt, embodied Florida’s natural magnificence. And he knew that it would be the ideal setting for the final project in his illustrious career.

That career began in 1961 when Rosen graduated from the prestigious School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. But Rosen’s path to success began at a much earlier age.

“My first job was selling worms,” Rosen explained. “I was 8 or 9 years old, staying at a cabin in upstate New York during the summer while my father worked in the city. After a few days up there, I realized that the fishermen were anxious to fish, but didn’t want to bother with finding their own bait. So, I started catching night crawlers and selling them—three worms for a quarter. That was a lot of money back then.”

That worm business was perhaps the first glimpse of Rosen’s entrepreneurial spirit. But it wouldn’t be the last.

After college, Rosen went into the Army for three and a half years and was stationed overseas in Asia and Europe. While in Germany, Rosen was once again bitten by the business bug and found an opportunity to start a tulip business. Once again, he was a success. In fact, he earned enough money selling flowers to do a little traveling while on R & R, and it was on one of these trips that he stumbled onto his next entrepreneurial adventure.

On the beaches of Spain, Rosen began selling sun reflectors to the German tourists. He manufactured the reflectors himself and even sold advertising on the backs to makers of sunscreen. Before he headed back to his unit, Rosen had sold out of his inventory.

To Rosen, these ventures felt perfectly natural. Everything he attempted, he approached with incredible energy. And when he returned from his service, Rosen rededicated himself to the hospitality industry. He went to work with the Hilton Hotel Corporation and worked his way up to senior management, and then went into management with the Disney Company in California.

When Rosen migrated to Central Florida in the early seventies, he was ready to reclaim his entrepreneurial spirit, only this time, it wasn’t a worm business he was interested in.

In 1973, Rosen purchased a 256-room Quality Inn in Orlando on International Drive, and his company was officially underway. In Florida, Rosen was determined to set his roots, and raise the bar for the entire hotel industry. He was also excited to be a part of something bigger. He wanted to immerse himself in the community as well as his business.

Rosen recollects, “Where I grew up, in New York City’s Lower East Side, people didn’t have a lot of money. Everywhere I looked, I saw blue-collar workers. But my mom wanted more from me. I remember her saying constantly, ‘I don’t care what you are, just be the best.’” That advice pretty well sums up Rosen’s work ethic—whether he’s working on a new hotel like Rosen Shingle Creek or on one of his philanthropic endeavors, he is headstrong and totally committed. “I know that I’ve come a long way, but I don’t feel wealthy or successful. I think it’s just my Lower East Side background. I just work hard, like my mom told me to do.”

Over the course of the last thirty years, Rosen’s company has grown from 256 rooms to more than 6,300. Today, the Rosen family of hotels, which includes the award-winning Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza, and four other properties in the Orlando area, remains, unwaveringly, a standard-bearer of service, reflecting the influence of Rosen’s early positions at the Waldorf Astoria and others.

“The secret of success is no secret,” Rosen says. “You’ve got to work your ass off. You have to be obsessed.”

While the company’s newest property, the Rosen Shingle Creek, may be the pinnacle of Rosen’s hospitality career, his legacy extends well beyond guest rooms and golf courses. To people in the hospitality community, as well as the community at large, Rosen is just as renowned and even more revered for his philanthropy and good will.

Throughout his career, Rosen has believed that his mission is not just to conduct business in the community, but also to invest in it. Toward that end, in 1993, he launched the Tangelo Park Pilot Program with the mission of fulfilling the dreams of at-risk children and their parents.

“My pledge was that every two, three and four-year-old would be able to go to preschool at no expense to their parents,” Rosen explained, “and that for every youngster in the program who was accepted to a public college in the state of Florida, we would pay his or her tuition, room, board, books and travel.”

Since its inception, the Tangelo Park program has provided more than 200 college scholarships, and high school dropout rates have gone from 25% in 1993 to just 6% in 2004.

Rosen has also donated more than $22 million to the University of Central Florida for the creation of a world-class school of hospitality management, and he has become involved in such diverse projects as “Water for Haiti,” raising funds to purchase specialized water filtration devices in order to provide fresh drinking water to one million people in Haiti and “The Bronze Statue Program” at Bethune-Cookman College. Most recently, Rosen pledged $3.5 million to build a Southwest Orlando Jewish Community Campus in Dr. Phillips. The Campus will bear the name, “The Jack and Lee Rosen Southwest Orlando Jewish Community Campus,” in honor of Mr. Rosen’s parents. As a result of his many heartfelt efforts, Harris Rosen is no longer simply a hotelier; he has become, in fact, a role model.

For more information about Rosen Shingle Creek, call (866) 996-9939 or visit

Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently owns and operates seven properties in the Orlando market. Numerous hospitality-industry awards, employee longevity and a reputation for quality have fueled the growth of Rosen Hotels & Resorts over the past 34 years. For more information about Rosen Hotels & Resorts, visit

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Rosen Shingle Creek Construction Fun Facts

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  • The approximate total weight of granite is 421,500 lbs
  • 23,450 Light Fixtures installed
  • 765 miles of wire pulled
  • 2.5 million lbs. of furniture and artwork
  • 3200 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 68,500 c.y. of concrete
  • 650,000 lbs. of post-tension cable
  • 410,000 s.f. of tilt wall panel (heaviest individual panel = 189,400 lbs)
  • 4800 tons of structural steel
  • 149 acres of drywall
  • 6.5 million s.f. of drywall
  • 17 acres of roof
  • 690,000 concrete roof tiles
  • 18.80 acres of parking lot
  • 5.9 miles of curb
  • 2.2 miles of storm pipe
  • 1.2 miles of sanitary pipe
  • 1.8 miles of water piping

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Photography available in our Photo Gallery

Executive Pastry Chef Biography & Information

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Executive Pastry Chef David Ramirez

David Ramirez is the Executive Pastry Chef for Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. Prior to working at Rosen Shingle Creek David was working at Loews Hotels Universal Orlando as Executive pastry chef and Universal Studios in Orlando as Pastry Chef running the production bakery servicing over 30 Restaurant outlets. David has been Executive Pastry Chef in 5 star properties in Orlando and Atlanta for the past 16 years and has also been pastry chef consultant for other properties throughout United States.

David started his career in Long Island N.Y. at vocational schools while working in an Italian bakery. Finishing High school and vocational school, David continued his education at Johnson and Wales University earning an Associates degree in pastry Arts. During his last year at Johnson Wales David secured a position with Swiss Hotels in Boston Massachusetts and continued working and developing is Pastry skills. David moved to Orlando Florida years later and continued working in hotels and fine dinning restaurants enhancing his pastry skills and developing managerial training. When David was 23 years old he became the Executive Pastry Chef for then Stouffer Hotels which soon became the Renaissance Orlando Resort. David soon realized his taste for culinary competition and started to compete at various ACF sanctioned events winning over a dozen gold and silver medals “Most Artistic” trophy and cash prizes.

David and team member Jim Mullaney competed in the first “Bread and Pastry Team Championship” 2004 in Atlantic City placing second earning a cash prize of $10,000 dollars silver medals and winning “Best Chocolate and Sugar Centerpiece”

In 2005 David and Team mates Laurent Lhuillier and James Mullaney teamed up to form “Team Lhuillier” and won first place in the National Pastry Championship in Phoenix July 2005. Team Lhuillier went on to win gold medal and also “Best Chocolate Centerpiece” and “Best Degustation” along with the $50,000.00 cash prize and the honor of being Team USA and competing in 2006 for the World Pastry Championship. In 2006 the team went on to win third place and a bronze medal along with $15,000.00 dollars cash prize.

In 2007 David was selected as the captain of Team USA, which will compete at the prestigious international Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France 2009.

For more information, contact: Mary Deatrick
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Photography available in our Photo Gallery