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羅森興河: 從內到外, 佛羅里達州的精緻自然美展演

從相框裝飾的牆壁,以異國情調的花卉和植物,籠罩著這個華麗的230英畝的土地, the AAA Four Diamond Rosen Shingle Creek is a vibrant showcase for the flora and fauna that make Florida a wonderland of natural beauty.

“One of the highlights of the hotel really is the environment that surrounds us,” Leslie Menichini explained. “先生. Rosen’s vision, from the first time he saw the property, was to pay homage to the beauty of the state.”

Orlando’s newest and grandest full-service convention and vacation hotel emphasizes the magnificence of the environment. With the pristine waters of Shingle Creek—佛羅里達州大沼澤地的源頭—as its centerpiece, the land surrounding the hotel is flourishing with lush native plant life, wildlife and vivid beauty. As guests of Rosen Shingle Creek stroll along the grounds, they are immersed in an exotic environment unrivaled by any other Orlando hotel. Blooming tropical flowers, such as the Michiko Dracaenas, Lady Palms and Marginatas, provide bursts of color all along the way. Native foliage such as Adonidia, Bamboo and Pigmy Date Palms—plants that have thrived in Florida’s tropical climate for ages—are focal points of the landscaping. Adding to the natural splendor, the indigenous Weeping Yaupon can also be found throughout the grounds, while canopies of Southern Live Oaks provide a majestic aspect to the landscaping and are a visual treat.

在羅森距溪, the celebration of nature doesn’t end outdoors. 其實, every room on the property showcases Shingle Creek’s enchanting environment. Guest rooms are decorated with original framed photographs reproduced in canvas giclee, that depict the meadows, 瓦河區流花. 這些令人驚嘆的圖像, 捕捉廣泛的物種,包括粉紅鳶尾花, 皇冠荊棘和空氣植物, 被抓獲由Garritt圖希, the Vice President of Rosen Hotels & 度假村.

Toohey first took up photography as a hobby in 2002, snapping his first shot with a Sony Mavica 2.1. He has since established himself as a celebrated amateur photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout Central Florida. Toohey especially enjoys shooting close-ups of flora in its natural setting whenever he has free time. His works, besides adorning the walls of Rosen Shingle Creek’s guestrooms, are also hung in common areas throughout the hotel.

When asked about his unique contributions to Rosen Shingle Creek, Toohey says, “This is a very special hotel, and I am simply honored that the team wanted to display my photographs. It’s amazing and flattering to see them hung throughout the hotel.”

Another aspect of the hotel that has benefited from Toohey’s creative talents is the kitchen. Rosen Shingle Creek’s Chef Jorge has adopted a recipe by Toohey as the hotel’s house dressing. Toohey’s original homemade salad dressing was created from a recipe he concocted 15 years ago.

Throughout the rest of the hotel, harmony with the natural environment is the primary influencing factor. Florida’s natural beauty is inherent in so many details, from the design and architecture to the artwork, even to the diverse recreational activities, which include fishing, 自然教育徑, 和, 當然, the David Harman designed, 7,228-yard championship golf course, which offers players incomparable views of this stunning area.

“I encouraged every member of our team, from the architects to the interior designers to the director of operations to find inspiration in the surrounding beauty,哈里斯說:“羅森, Founder and President of the award-winning Rosen Hotels & 度假村. “And truly, they exceeded my expectations.”
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